Double Bubble – Readers Request

Thank you “P” for asking me about facial cleansers!

Call me greedy or extravagant if you like, but I actually use 2 different cleansers in one go! I tend to use a bubbly gentler formula in the morning or after using an oil make up remover and then and then a deeper cleaning one for the end of the day.

At the moment I am using Lancome: Mousse Eclat in the morning.
Nice dense foam mousse formula that is light on the skin as well as gentle and fresh smelling. I like this a lot, no tight feeling after rinsing and no break outs either. This is lovely stuff but for the price! You can buy cheaper mousse cleansers from Japan and they work just as well.

In the evenings the choice of the moment is Biore Facial Wash Cool.
This formula that gets rid of the dirt and grime that goes hand in hand with city dwelling. It is definitely deep cleansing and the “cooling” factor adds a nice zing upon rinsing. This is cheap as chips, I bought it in HK for HKD $38 excellent quality for the price. It reminds me of the Japanese version: Biore Deep Clear Facial Cleansing which is my hands down favourite cleanser for when I am in hot climates.

I am not faithful to cleansers in general. When I scrape the barrel with the above, I shall move on to something else to try.