Bus Shelter Hair, Rice n’ Peas and Knobbly Knees.

The mission for the day was to go and take photos of an abandoned laundrette that we spotted on our bus journey.Photo taken through dirty glass. Canon EOS 450d

London is a fast changing city these days thanks to the Olympics 2012, our cityscape is in transformation. Before this lonely place gets earmarked for demolition, we had to go sneak around.

Taken with my Fujifilm Instax.

I am drawn to abandoned things. I has the same feel as an unfinished story to me. Canon EOS 450d

The laundrette is slap bang in the De Beauvoir council estate. This place certainly won’t feature in the tourist guides yet it is for me a part of the REAL London.
Me wandering what those kids across the road are up to.
My hairstyle was my own twist on the super duper VV Brown’s do!

Sneaky Sneaky, I won’t tell you what I was actually trying to do!
Today’s sloppy outfit was a grab and go jobby! I do love my newest camera though. Diana Mini that also looks cute as an accessory.

mmmmm Ribena!

Save the laundrette!

I took some photos too! Shame we won’t get to see them till I get the roll developed, but that is part of the fun. I think anyway.

Alot of housing estates in London have some crazy security due to the crime rates but this one still seems quite open. I look advantage of the unlocked doors!

Hiro loves straight lines but I wanted to be in the picture too!

Thinking. Remembering when I used to live on an Estate.

I live amongst smashed syringes,
Squatters’ doors hangin’ off the hinges,
Hookers lookin’ money for Bobby, shottin’ their minges.
Leavin’ used condoms out on the staircases,
Next to the broken pipes that’s left by the Base Heads.
Local estate heads, have grown up to hate Feds,

Life changes.

Fujifilm mini 7’s Instax
Alas, we all have to grow up. I still keep my toys.


How to make your bus shelter hair immovable:
It was a blustery day and the wind was relentless. I am glad that I used the following super hair stuff to keep my do in place.
Shiseido Ma Cherie Souffle Wax – a moussey wax that adds shine and is perfect for fiddly hair styles.
L’oreal Elnett – smells like grannies but holds everything in place no joke without making your hair rock hard!

Dinner time:
After the wonderful smell of Jerk Chicken wafted straight up my hooter, I couldn’t resist! I wanted some too. Popped into IN TING on Dalston Lane and grabbed us a bite. This place does the best Jerk this side of Murder Mile.

It is good to be back in London. I always miss the diversity when I am away. Oh but I shall be steering the next post back to Hong Kong.

Be Back Soon.