And it All Floated Down the Canal

I start today’s post a sad note! I lost my first batch of photos taken with my Mini Diana.
I don’t want to proclaim my inherent idiocy by giving you the details.

However, I did try my hand at scanning a couple of the negatives yesterday morning at work. This means that my surviving test shots are miniscule. Alas, it is a lesson learned and I shall behave better when next I am beside a canal with photographs in hand.

I have learned that London is far to lacking in light to use 35mm ISO 100 film.

The above shot was taken in a record shop in Soho.
Yes – I buy vinyls, or rather Hiro does.
I loved the blurry drunken feel that the photo had.

No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk!

This Old Cow has already reloaded her Mini Diana with a faster film and may the next experiment be a triumph.

Those who read my prattle on Twitter will know that I was rather excited when my Gmarket order finally landed on my desk. I decided to use up what remained of my credit so this haul was free!

The Loot

A mini Instax photo album:

An embossed lable thingy.

A shockingly large selection of embossing tape in a multitude of colours.

Why oh why did I get that?

Because my once excellent penmanship has degraded drastically since these fingers of mine are so regularly poised above a keyboard.


I wanted to lable some of my Instax photos:

I like this very muchly!

My free loot came with freebies:
Milk pens: perfect for the awkward scrawl of an Old Cow.

And Pegs? Ahahaha….PEGS!!!

You can guess that I intend to be out and about happy snapping this weekend. I am determined!! Now, London skies…be good to me!

I shall be back next week with a slightly more beauty focussed mind. I feel that I owe some reviews. If you have any requests, do drop me an email:

Wishing you all a perfect weekend.

If it seems a childish thing to do, do it in rememberance that you are a child”