Regarding Perrenial Red and Pallor

I get requests to show more of me on my blog and then I go over board! Forgive my self indulgence, it was a sunny weekend in London and it is a rarity for us to have such good light. Naturally this became an occasion to dress up for!

Please do join me in my stroll around some of my favoured places in the East End.

Red, Blue and White

Shoes from Office. Tights from Tabio. Peg Legs from Agnes B. Crop Tee from Oasis. Earrings from RI. Brooch from flea market in Cape Town and jacket from some shop in Italy (Hiro brought it back for me).

Pin head! Curls pinned in place. Have you tried the Shiseido “Ma Cherie” mousse wax? It kept my hair in pace all day and with a nice sheen to boot.

A thoughtful gaze. Little things amuse my little mind, like funny shaped cracks for instance.

We found some abandoned mattresses. A perfect place to rest for a quick pose…as you do!

Last week there was an abandoned sofa here. I suspect that it may have been part of an al fresco crack den. It is now gone and so here I am wondering who took it!

Along the way to Columbia Road a post box caught my attention. “It’s red!” I exclaimed with certain delight……I match it perfectly.

No talking! Let’s pause for a while and think. I would be happier with this Jacket if I could change the buttons. I shall!! I shall change the buttons!

Columbia Road, London
Place where the flower market is held every Sunday. Place where you can find a plethora of things to look at. Look out for the Chorley & Buddug shop. It is a sight to behold. This Paris bourdoir.

Flowers and foliage everywhere! Wheeling and dealing and bargain making. Oh and Ryan Town in the background. You must pay this little shop a visit if ever you are in the area!

Time to stop for tea! No outing is complete without a cuppa tea!

I found the most wonderful cafe!! I cannot wait to take my sister here at the weekend. From outside it looks like the tiniest tea stop around….but it ain’t!

Lemon layer cake. Light, not too sweet and positively delicious.

Must you stick the camera in my face when I am trying to talk to you Hiro? x I suppose that now would be a good time to talk about makeup?

MAC Russian Red lippy, Kate Super Sharp Liner, UD Sin eyeshadow.

Ah my industrious photographer for the day, stops for a nice cup of Earl G!

A reminder! Yes we still have to find some new shoes. I love Hiro’s grandad inspired look. I am also on a look out for a hat pin for him……His Trilby is begging for a shiny fing! Incase you are wondering the pair of brogues he is sporting above were bought in Russell & Bromley 2 years ago.

Back in da endz!! E8 x

I have eyed this graffiti from the top deck of my bus and have been meaning to go and have a butchers before the new development is plonked on the plot. Such a fab photo! Street art is here one minute gone the next, I feel the need to capture it while I can.

I was overjoyed and got that WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW wonder feeling again when I came around the corner to see so much more than the lonely figure.

This is not what Tourism for London will have you see! It is a reality, listed buildings coming apart before our eyes. To me however, this is beautiful. It was once someones home.

Behind the wall where everyone walks…. lies a fridge!

Oh dear! Me again.

I am thinking – I wish I could buy that building.

Friends!! Why do they look so scared?

Home again.

Now to look at my purchases from Ryan Town.

The tape is a sticky fing of wonder and perfect to strengthen my tights and leggings box that is currently busting at it’s seams.

Do check out Rob Ryans website below…HE IS BRILLIANT! I shall add the links on this post to my Preferred Purveyors Page for your reference.

I do hope you have enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed my Sunday.