A Picture of Me by Julie

I am so excited about this post.

A little while ago I found out that a lovely lady that I know was taking Masters in illustration. I noticed that she had some stunning paintings on her Facebook page and so I couldn’t resist the defiant urge to have her paint me too.

She is so gifted. For me, being talented means being able to create something well. Gifted is to be able to do that in a style of your own. Julie is this and more because I can see her developing in a way that I would be able to spot her her out of a crown of others…and that to me is STYLE.

This is based on a picture taken for Pink’s contest ages and ages ago.

Julie hand drew and painted me. This is a copy of the original.

She then scanned and coloured in the original me in digitally.

Thank you Julie for this portrait so full of grace and ambiance.

If you would like to get in touch with her to commission a piece of art work, please drop me a line: