Pearl Collar Winner Announcement!

Pardon my tardiness in announcing my winner. See this is what happens when I fail to set myself a deadline…..I float aimlessly!

Thank you all for your entries, I love getting a small insight into the goings on of your minds.

My winner is:


She said:

If I were a fairy tale character… I think I’d be the evil stepmother in Snow White. Honestly, I don’t think she’s evil, just misunderstood. Homegirl was jut not aging gracefully, and it was pretty mean of Snow White to be rubbing it in her face every day. If Snow White was on better terms with her – like, you know, offering to buy her skincare and spending some girly time together – I think the story would’ve ended up on much better terms. Plus it’s not like Snow White was all that great anyway. What kind of dumbass accepts a poisoned apple from random old women?


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