Jolly Brolly Sticks and Crumpled Turn-Ups

I thought I would spill some shots from my weekend. Out when elegance and in came the scruffy style of me.

What’s the time?

I love these turn ups. I have a deep seated love for safari clothes and thought it would blend well with a bit of flora and brogue-ish footwear. I do have an urge to change the boring buttons for something more “interesting”.

View from down here.

This was actually my Saturday shopping and cinema outfit.

The stranded gentry.

Abandon your black umbrellas!

I have a grand dislike of black brollies! Not only are they tediously boring and lacking in personality but they are mood darkening too! I am being perfectly serious!

I bid you to abandon your dark brolly and find yourself a light coloured one! For in gloomy skies any translucent fabric that will let in precious light is a must have.

On getting my stitch on!

Sunday saw round two in my sewing campaign. Well, I am waiting for some fabric to arrive so I can try my hand at making my 1st pair of pajamas but seeing as Royal Mail failed me….again, I decided to work on something else in the interim

Bunnies everywhere.

I love monster munch! When I 1st landed in UK (years and years ago) I was a monster munch addict! I was so filled with nostalgia and happiness when I saw these in my local supermarket. I bought 3 packs!