Instant Photos & A Zillion Light Bulbs

Friday meant drinks with a dear friend that I haven’t seen in 2 years. Her birthday is on the same day as Hiro so we rarely catch up to mark the event together. However, this year she celebrated it on the 19th and so off we went to get merry!

My new toy arrived so I dragged that out with me to take some photos of a different kind. Instant photos via Fujifilm. I really love the way photos come out this way. More old fashioned, grainier but so rich with ambiance and story telling ability.

Come along readers! Come along and ‘ave a gander at my first few pictures!!

The venue was the Book Club in Shoreditch.

The ceiling in the basement in covered in light bulbs. Not all of them are on otherwise the glare would be unbearable.

Old school chairs.

My friend might demand my head on a plate if she sees that I have stuck her on my blog.

Both of us.

Lippy in the loos.

The new toy.

Fujifilm instax mini 7’s

I am overjoyed with this gadget. It’s reignited my memories of polaroid picture waiting excitement. I hoped that it would add a different dimension to my picture taking obsession and it have certainly delivered on that point. I must now hoard stacks of film so I can snap happy.

Expect more photos soon.