Eye Spy – Tessa Farmer

When I trip over my everyday visual delights and land head first into the wonderment of an artist that I have never heard of before, I get giddy with joy! I then type quick as I can whilst jittery with excitement to spread the inspiration unto you.

Eye Spy Tessa Farmer

A UK born and London based artist who’s work has sent fireworks rushing through my brain. I would like to quote from her website:

“”Tessa’s miniscule sculptures reinvigorate a belief in fairies: not the sweet Tinkerbell image in popular conscience, but a biological, entomological, macabre species translating pastoral fable into nightmarish lore. Constructed from bits of organic material, such as roots, leaves, and dead insects, each of Tessa’s figures stand barely 1 cm tall, their painstakingly intricate detail visible only through a magnifying glass.”

From the “Insectary

From “Swarm”

From “Swarm”

From “The Desecration of the Swallow”

From “Little Savages”

From “Little Savages”

I am fascinated and deeply moved. More than that, In my most humble opinion I am in awe of her vision, the brilliant way in which she has brought her inspiration to life and the amount of time an work it must have taken to make this work.

I am certainly adding Tessa to my “one to watch” list and I am looking forward to seeing her work at the Saatchi Gallery later this year.