Winner Announcement and Strange Fruit

A massive thank you to each and everyone of you that took the time to spill your confessional beans in my comment box! I am delighted and proud to have such interesting readers that are willing to get involved and indulge my silly whims.

Having read them all with great dollops of interest, fascination and wonderment I have chosen my winners.

Runner Up Prize:

My mini bonus prize goes to MJ! I am renamining you Amelie after this little confession and as reward for your rays of sunshine, I hope you accept your little prize.

“In Oxford we have a pigeonhole system where you can send post from one college to another for free. I send people in other colleges I don’t know random items, anonymously. Like postcards with uplifting messages on them! I think it’s a bit weird, but I like to think I’m brightening someone’s day.”


My winner is The Silent One. Your confession was long over due since it seems that this sin of yours has been with you since you were a wee little blighter. But what really grabbed me was your style! I like your flow and the way you told the tale;

“Once Upon A Time…There was a small, quiet girl who lived in her small, quiet world.One day, this small, quiet girl was in her grade school class where there was a loud little girl who went on and on and on and on and on about her SHINY, NEW, COLORFUL pen. She was very proud of this wonderful new contraption and wanted all of the little boys and girls to know how much she loved this pen! Well,Morning had passed……….Lunch and playtime had passed……….then the school day had finally come to an end when the loud little girl cried out, “I can’t find my SHINY, NEW, COLORFUL pen!!!” The loud little girl sadly went home in tears.Once Upon A Time…There was a small, quiet girl who lived in her small, quiet world and played with her SHINY, NEW, COLORFUL pen…..And I still feel guilty about that to this day.”

Please email me your postal addresses so that I may send your goodies out to you:

Just before I go, I thought that you would like to see a pair of curious earrings that I have been working on.

I call them shiny fruit.

If you would like to see a proper preview of these……email me.