I Am Not A Pillow Case & Other White Objects

I have this funny feeling that WHITE (along with peachy nudes) might be the order of the day for spring/summer 2010. I bought this jersey dress from All Saints a few weeks ago. It was in the sale so I was quick to grab myself a bargain.

When All Saints make a garment out of jersey, you can bet your bottom penny that it will be amongst the softest you can get. I especially like it because it hangs/moves so well, in an almost fluid manner in fact. Also, it’s such a breathable and stretchy fabric so its lovely for everyday wear.

I remember when All Saints was a men’s shop! I remember when it became a tiny chain. I always thought of it as rather exclusive and avant garde for the high street. But things have changed and All Saints is a common feature almost everywhere. *sigh* Is it so wrong of me to feel a touch disappointed at the surging success of a Brit brand? Oh dear I am thoroughly selfish!

On with my pillow talk:

I must admit, I just love clothing that you can “play” with.

Thank you for the compliments on my floral tights!

This close up is for you:

I am actually wearing 2 pairs of tights here. A cream pair beneath the floral display.

I am still in a state of jolly YAAAAAY about my very first DSLR. Yes, I now own a mighty Canon 450D. I am chuffed to bits.

Here are my very first experimental photographs using my new Mini Munny buddies (the evil one is mine and the woodcutter is Hiro’s):

Using a fully automatic mode.

In manual using A DEP (automatic depth of field) no flash.

In manual using TV and playing with white balance.

Project Mini Munny

Thanks to a recent gift from my dear “China Plate”, I have been inspired! I want to send a Mini Munny to a few people who pique my creative curiosity and ask them to run wild with their, paints, pens, decos etc….and then I WANT IT BACK!! Hahaha I want to collect a little undiluted bit of my friends in this way. A few bloggers will definately be hearing from me soon!!

In the meanwhile, Hiro and I will be stamping our personalities all over the blank duo above so watch this space


What the Dickens is that?

Well it is a photo taken with my new camera!

What is in the photo? ummm well, it’s the shell of a dead and dried up sea urchin that my little brother found and gave me while we were out in Zanzibar. I have kept it ever since because I think it is pretty.

What are you up to this weekend?

Aside from gettingt snap happy, I am planning a trip to my local cinema to watch Micmacs the new bound to be fantastic film my Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

See you on the otherside of the weekend.