Cape Town Shopping Spree with Me.

Last Friday was my last day in Cape Town. Now when I say DAY I actually mean a few hours.

After a manic week with work, tempting as a day sunning myself and reading by the pool sounded, I was determined to do something more productive with my time.


I have a current fixation with sofas in unusual places:

So I donned my scruffy shorts and top and armed with my camera I headed out to find me some interesting things.


1st stop


Green Market Square


This is one of Cape Towns oldest and most popular markets. Filled to the brim with African curios, crafts and storytellers it’s a vibrant place to snoop around. I met vendors from Malawi, Zim and even my own home country of Kenya.

I ended up buying some jazzy fabric from a mamma with a nice smile just because. Not sure what I plan to make with it yet! LOL

It wasn’t loong before I heard some Jamaican accents that seemed so out of place here. So out of curiosity I secretly followed the voices…

Follow the Bobo Dreads

And I ended up in a mask shop.


I am talking wall to wall of masks from all over Africa.


I sat for a while and listened to the shop owner explain which mask came where and what they are used for. I could have sat and listened for hours…you know me!! I am a sucker for a good tale.


Time was against me and so I rambled on to…



Church Street
Such a perfect place for a lazy wanderer.



I found a couple of stalls selling all sorts of “treasures”.

The lovely ladies let me snap away to my hearts delight.

Trust the above to get my attention.

So what did I buy?

A crystal brooch, a cameo brooch and a hand painted Limoges Fragonard cabochon. Now this is truly special to me. Those who have bought my jewels in the past will know that I have used similar ones in my creations. This one is HAND PAINTED and super old rather than a decal!!!

Next stop:

Long Street

Here I chanced upon a delightful little boutique!

They sell wonderful clothes made by South African designers many of which are hand made.

Feathered pretty fings!

I found myself buying 2 dresses.

The first is made by “Selfi” and is a pretty peachy number with lovely pleat detail.


Some of you will know that I am currently lapping up nudey, blush, peachy anything so naturally, I just HAD to have this.


I plan to do a peach post soon so this will definitely feature again.

Dress 2

A blue grey floaty piece with a white under slip.

I love light floaty loose fitting clothing. I am thinking of my trip to Japan later this year, I shall be there when the humidity is rife so such garments are a must for me.

This dress is by TAKE CARE.

More pleats.

Long Street has such marvellous sights to ponder upon.

I just love the contrast of bright coloured eateries and Victorian buildings.

Long Street is one of the oldest streets in the city.

Although I much much much prefer the older part of Cape Town, a visit to the V& A Waterfront is always in order.

V&A Waterfront

You would be forgiven for thinking that you are back in UK for a few moments here and there whilst in this shopping precinct.

YUP! I HAD to go to MAC! I felt compelled!


I bought 3 lippies!

Shy Girl – peachy soft nude

Costa Chic-bright pinkish coral

Gentle Simmer – peachy pinky goldish

See what I mean about my peach obsession?

No trip to SA is complete for me without a few trips to my local Pick n’ Pay!!!

TEA TEA TEA TEA!! And this is about half of what I bought! Five Roses and Khoisan are my ever favourite brands and I have tried lots.

Are you a soap or a shower gel girl?

I am quite certainly a bar of soap fan.

I stopped off at RAIN and bought:

Mint and Eucalyptus soap – super refreshing on hot days

Marula and Rooibos soap – it has tea in it!!!

Boaobab soap – I love upside down trees.


Monchichi got some time in the sun too!

It’s been lovely sharing this with you