Thou Art a Villain!

I have been spying on pretty things again my sweets! I am a villain to my wallet and this year I am determined to redeem myself!


For the good of sharing, I thought I would show you my findings:

Pucker Up! This Lulu Guiness clutch gets me everytime. I walk paste her little boutique everyday and I have not yet succumbed! YAY ME!

Kerrie Luft makes some wonderful sculptural shoes. If I wore heels I would be more than tempted.

Dem Bones!! Vivienne Westwood – I am still up for adoption if you ever read this!

I adore this quirky necklace.

I think I need knuckledusters!! Not sure why. But I just DO!! Another stop and stare item by Alexander McQueen that I would love to own.

Rupert Sanderson!! These are a dream!!

There you have my daydream for the day……

I just need to win the lottery!!!