I’ll walk the streets of London……

Come stroll with me through my favourite haunts. Let us gaze , marvel, wonder and speculate. This is my city. Through my eyes.

Welcome to Dalston! You ought to get used to it for this is where I am based. It’s quite an exciting vibrant place and I shall often post pics from here.

What is this crack-paint?

Why it is a portrait of course! What an effort someone made to chip of paint in this way. Photo taken in Brick Lane

Sometimes I feel unsure! Am I drunk? Did someone slip something dubious into my glass?

Follow the white rabbits! Photo taken near Spitalfields.

Sunday was a day of rest.
I slept far more than is considered normal but I did awake to make an onion tart!
The sweetest onions cooked in a medley of things that include Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, brown sugar and pepper. Topped with Parmesan cheese and some anchovies.
Tasty stuff.

A very small post today, for I am frightfully busy with my preparations to leave for Cape Town this Friday.

I shall be back tomorrow to fill you in on my latest mega haul.