The Chamber of The Dolls – Volume 1

I do apologise for my brief absence. I am sure you all know the feeling when life decides to twist and snap and chuck a howler in your face. But I am going to put aside my melancholy for a while and blog to forget myself.

Things may be a deeper shade of blue these days but my heart never fails to swell when I glance upon my enchanting and beautiful “dolls”.

Narcotica Fantastica

The doll that larks after dark.

Ebony lipped, porcelain narc.

Narcotica Fantastica


Wears black lace while she sips green tea.

Big gold heart betwixt bewbies! LOL


My ooooooooh la la beloved!

With dainty hands a gloved.

A vision of grace.

Oooh La La Beloved

I am still collecting picture and some of you may find a little plea in your inbox requesting permission to add you into my chamber of dolls. I do so love seeing people wear their pieces ….it’s such a joy!! So if you would like to send a picture PLEASE DO, I won’t plaster it up on my blog if you don’t want me to.