I spy Massimo!

You all know that provocative Roman wizzard Massimo Gammacurta don’t you?

I think he is super out there marvellous. His photographic manipulations mangle my senses in a way that I utterly appreciate. The sensitive among you may wish to look away before clapping eyes on the last few images I have pasted onto the bottom of this blog…..

but now that I have said that…….you probably will.


I think my might try to make a bomb with the heap of beauty products that I stash!

“Sweet Fashion, Lick Your Way To Success”:

LV watermelon slice

Chanel luscious lilac

Sex in the City: The sunglasses story

I like stuff that challenges my boundaries of acceptance. You know, stuff that shifts my view and focus on subjects.

What are your thoughts?

Is the above tacky? Edgy? distasteful? Creative?

Don’t be shy………….I’d love to hear your opinions.