The Future is in my Pillow Lines…..

……so says my bestie in our brief but frenzied chat this morning.

I told her my tale of how I slept face down and awoke with a large rebellious crumple down my face!

Anyway back to my mega mash up of things to report on a Friday.

Thank you to a lovely friend who is “returning to the lands of her ancestors” (her words, not mine) and who left me with this pretty gift.

Dior Flower Blossom. How will I ever force myself to use it??


(glow sticks are optional)

I don’t like doing reviews. I dont rave about many products but this is an exceptional exception!

I am not blessed with shiny straight glossy hair.

I like to think that it is my birthright but it just didn’t happen. My mum had very coarse afro hair and so in turn I inherited coarse matte locks.

Since cutting my hair I have come to depend upon my trusty GHDs to keep my bob in shape.


Straightening irons can fry your hair with rabid excessive use!

So when my bestie (also a GHD freak) sent me a sample of the Shu Uemura White Tea Polishing Milk I was jumping like a joyful jelly bean.

THIS STUFF WORKS LIKE A MIRACLE!! It is a dream come true for me!!

I spread a little bit through my damp hair and it helps my hair dry FASTER. Another godsend for me and my “takes hours to dry hair”. Seriously drying my hair is like drying a wooly blanket.

It provides amazing heat and humidity protection

It smells delicate and clean.

    Amazing conditioning.

    After attacking my hair with the GHDs…my hair comes out shiny, silky full of body and not a trace of frizz or coarseness. It’s like I was born with perfect straight hair!!! Just like those pretty haired girls I saw in Tokyo *sniffles*.

    One more thing……….it’s greasy free and weightless!!

I was crapping it because this stuff is soooo hard to get hold of here! But lo and behold I found some in Rush Hair Salon in Moorgate for £19.50!! Yep a little pricey BUT it will last me and age!YAY!!!!!!!!!

Click here for more product Info: Shu Uemura Art of Hair


Here are some more reviews and shtuff for those that feel me on this one:

Review from Mango Loves Makeup

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Boots Beauty Award for Best New Pro Haircare

Now for some Mary Quant! Remember her?

A Tokyo based buddy sent me 4 MQ single eye shadows and I really needed to find a place to keep them and my other odd shaped singles. I then stumbled across the website that much to my delight informed me that there is a stockist right here in London!!

So off I plodded to grab me a case for my little treasures! (Shown boxed at the top of the pic).

The MQ Eye Openers come in 120 different shades and finishes (about £6.00 each in UK). I love these two shades. They are part of the seasonal limited editions.

Here is my shiny new black freestyle case. Unfortunately it is not magnetic. I was just happy to find a case that looks soooo cute!

I promise to take pics for you once I have stuck my motley crew of shadows within it’s shiny enclosure.

Link for the curious:


I am NOT a macaron fan.

I AM a Laduree fan!

I was passing through Burlington Arcade on my way to meet Hiro and I stopped dead in my tracks when I spied the tiny little shop that resembled a golden cave filled with sweet delights.

I indulged and I am happy.

My absolute no hesistation favourite Macaron is the bergamot one (Earl Grey!!!!!) followed closely by the red fruits.

Learn more about Laduree :

Donburi of the Week:


We went a little loco and topped our rice with;
Sake (salmon), hotate (scallops), hamachi (yellow tail), tai (sea bream), ika (squid) and nori of course

Phew that was a looooooong post!

Wishing you all fab weekends…….if you are UK readers, watch out for ASBOs with fireworks!