Pretty Things That Caught My Eye – “Fancy a Cuppa?”

Allow me to introduce a new feature to my blog.

I am quietly but perpetually obsessive over pretty things that catch my eye. I am crazy about details such as texture, colour, materials etc. Yup, you could call me a devil for detail!!

So my hope is to inspire or at least amuse with my little themed posts chock-a-block with designy things that made me go oooooooooooooooooh! The first of which is:


Designed by Hrafnkell Birgisson.

Glass & ceramic

Made from second hand tea cups so each one is different. I would defo sip my Stoli from these.

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Plant Cup designed by Gita Gshwendtner.

I feel like Alice!!! Like I have shrunk!! One lump or two?


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Drip Tease Cup & Saucer designed by Reiko Kaneko

Fine bone china and 24 carat gold.


Get yours Here!!

Half Heart Mug Designed by Reiko Kaneko

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mug, The simplicity of the idea and how well it has been executed delights my tea loving soul. I love things that make me say…..OF COURSE!! NOW WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT!!! And this does! I am actually placing an order for this very mug…that’s how much I love it.


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Blaue Blume Red Shoes Tea Cup – Tina Tsang

Isn’t it delightful?


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Blaue Blume Teapot Gold Shoes – Tina Tsang
Because you will need one!


Get the Deets Here!

I do hope that I haven’t bored you!

Before anyone asks, I have not been asked to promote any of the above designers on my blog! (Get real; I have a tiny readership). I just felt the need to share some pictures of things that I feel are well made and pay tribute to fertile imaginations. Such things will always grab my attention for they allow people like me to express their personality through everyday objects.