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Beauty by Night

Paris though beautiful in general, simmers into wonderment in the glistening light. It blossoms into effulgence and so glows as if from deep within.

In the rolling subdued verve of the night, you wouldn't feel that that the Museé de Louvre is one of the most visited museums in the world. The once Louvre Palace looks resplendent with her comparatively new companion that is Pei's glass pyramid structure. A perfect place to house that much contemplated enigmatic smile.

Massive thanks to the Worshipblues photographer for his tireless work:

Caught at it!
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Irregular Paris

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a new dimension opening up on my blog yesterday. The Adventures of Worshipblues is a little side blog born out of the many reader emails requestion more specific information about my adventure destinations. I hope that it proves to be useful for you all so please do email me if you have any questions etc.

By special request I bring you my favourite things to do in Paris. I hope that it encourages you to look deeper into the quirks of this fascinating city.

Wander with your eyes wide open.

Light a candle in Notre Dame.

Walk along the banks of the timeless Seine and peep at the old posters, books and magazines rife with vintage feel.

Pack a lock and leave your romantic mark on Ponte des Artes. It might not be legal so don't get caught and if you do, don't blame me!

Try and find Nicolas Flamel's house. Even if you are not a Harry Potter fan, the curious history of this fellow sparks imagination. Also, I never managed to take a photo of it, so, would love to have of you happen to stumble across it. Here are a few clues to help you on your way.

If you are in Paris at the weekend then a trip to the Flea market in Clignancourt is a must a truly quirky sight to behold. It is full of atmosphere. See here for more information: Clignancourt Market.

Walk around Paris at night. Paris is a city that glows beautifully at night. The Louvre is a wonderful sight against the darkness and if you can just about see the Eiffel Tower from there. At midnight the entire tower lights up with a zillion lights.

Visit Le Saint Chapelle for a truly moving light experience. Listed on Speirs + Major's top 10 lighting experiences. See the web article here.

Stop for tea at Mariage Freres and have a little nosey through their shop. Such a selection of superior teas you will not find anywhere else so do not leave empty handed!

Mariage Freres
30 rue Bourg Tibourg

Visit the Jardin Tropicale that I wrote about in depth here and don't forget your camera and your nerves. While you are there why not stroll through the rest of the Bois de Vincennes?

Get lost in Paris' back streets. Wander though Le Marais and when you get to the Jewish Quarter, you must try some falafels!

Pay attention to Paris' doors. This is a lesser celebrated marvel of Paris. The doors here are wonderful and if you catch someone leaving or returning, it's always worth taking a sneaky glance through the gap! You will see what I mean!

Take a look at the many modern architectural wonders of Paris. I really enjoyed visiting the Institute du Monde Arabe.

Find a vantage point and look down on the city. You can do this from the Institute de Mode Arabe for free!

Eat! Eat! Eat! Bread, sumptuous meals, fancy patisserie. Try it all!

Do let me know if you have anything else that I should add or indeed if you use my little list. I would be bowled over to know if you found any of my suggestions useful or interesting.

Thank you Jian for requesting this. I have thoroughly enjoyed putting this post together.

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Tea most sublime

Hiro pointed out some "posh tea place" and I squealed with delight when I realised that it was in fact the Mariage Freres tea room!

The tea selection was mind boggling and each tea has its own tale. I learned something new in Paris and that is that the French have magnificent tea.

Along with their delectable teas they had marvellous cakes. I had a Rose Babylone which was a carefully constructed bit of edible art. It consisted of a hibiscus jelly, a pink grapefruit macaron, pink grapefruit segments and babylon tea flavoured sorbet and an elegant wafer.


I just wish that the lighting was better!

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Bourguignon du Marais

My favourite meal in Paris was a classic one.

I have a deep seated adoration for simple, hearty rustic food.

This Boeuf bourguignon was the most delicious that I have tried. The beef fell apart and melted into the mouth. The dish was so savoury and such a pleasure to dunk my bread rolls into.

Hiro had the confit de canard which was equally delicious.

Paris' sprawling cafe culture is a thing of wonder to me. I like the romantic appeal of sat in the subdued retreating sunlight and watching the world walk (nothing rushes in Paris) past. Yet at the same time, the world stops and gawps at you too and while you are eating at that. Then there is the traffic....fancy a side order of car fumes with your dessert madame? Yes,

Clearly I don't really get it!

Nevertheless you absolutely must visit this place if you happen to be in Paris:

Bourguignon du Marais
52 rue Francois Miron
75004 Paris

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So many eyes

I am a fiend for great architecture both modern and old.

Like London, Paris has it's share of MUST SEE buildings. So, I defy anyone to compile such a list without including The Institute du Monde Arabe by Jean Nouvel. This is a sight to behold as it is ornate in detail, it is uncompromisingly angular against the age old Seine.

The facade borrows inspiration from traditional Arabic patterns but is truly avant garde in it's practicality.

Like a thousand eyes, the mechanisms are built to dilate to according to daylight conditions. The external view is wondrous but the lighting effect inside is breathtaking.

It felt a bit "Bladerunner-like".The rawness of the glass against steel with the spectacular light display around us.

Now it just so happened that the Zaha Hadid's Chanel Mobile Art Pavillion was sat in the shadows of the Institute while we were there. I have since learned that this shall be it's permanent home and I must say, that these two building make a stunning contrast.

I am not a Hadid fan, her famously curvy or complex shaped structures fail to move me. I know this is because of my deep rooted adoration for straight clean lines. Nonetheless, the Chanel Pavilion looks fantastic in it's new home.

The starchitect battle: Nouvel vs Hadid. I think Nouvel won this battle.

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Fings what I like #16

Pretty little confectioners.

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Allez tout droit

The flea market at Porte de Cligancourt was closed. Such a great shame!

However, the empty paths were fun to walk though. Such curious characters lurk around this area. Dubious dealers, shifty movers and very old prossies (like 60 and over?)......and me who is not a prossie but still rather old and apparently odd!

Black linen shorts from Oasis,
Leopard silk shirt second hand for £3!
Leggings from
Gold sandals from Office
Sunnies from Tiffany's
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This is a secret....

If you are clever enough to guess where these were taken, then I beg you to hold your tongue! It is a secret!


Don't tell anyone!
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Come walk with me

Let us saunter through Paris together.

Let us marvel at at the embracing locks, declarations of love from romantics near and far that grapple with each other on Le Ponte des Artes.

There is so much to gawp at in this city.

And, sometimes the sights gawp right back at you.

Parisian streets are layered with intricate details and varied textures.

Old over new, beneath strange, besides beautiful.

There are fascinating conversations to be had.

And of course wonderful moments to capture on film.

I have sent a few rolls of film to the Darkroom today. I love the anticipation x
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