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"If I had my own magazine it would be a lot like this blog"

Where is Worshipblues based?

Worshipblues is an imaginary age old time forgotten mansion that exists only to those that visit it. But, if you insist on more detailed directions, then I must say that   Worshipblues is based in London (with it's soul in east Africa and it's heart in Japan).

Why did you start this blog?

I started this blog because everyday-ness can suddenly become so claustrophobic.

This blog is about making life a little less ordinary.
It's about encouraging myself + others to give into a daydream or twenty.
It's about appreciating the all too familiar little details in our lives in all their quiet glory.
It's about learning new things and remembering forgotten things.
It's about making our own magic rather than waiting for some enchantment to fall into our laps.
It's about far off places and our own back yards.
It's about turning shit into gold and looking life right in the eye.
It's about finding new meaning and new ways to see.

Who takes the photos for your blog?

It is a joint effort and in general it is mainly me and my tireless, ever patient and wonderful husband.

What type of camera/s do you use on your blog?

Depends! I use a host of different cameras and each is best for capturing different moments.

For close ups of products or food I tend to use a compact Sony because the macro setting is brilliant. For other shots we use a Canon DSLR, iPhone 4, various Polaroids and plastic or vintage cameras.

Where are you from?

I  was born in Kenya but I am a Brit. I am half Japanese but also part Seychelloise and mixed race South African.I probably have a bit of French and a bit of Dutch blood too BUT London is my home and I love it....hate it/LOVE IT/ hate it/♥it.

Do you accept PR Samples?

I do but only from companies that appreciate honesty and won't try to influence my opinion.


  1. Hi, can I send you some tea to see if you like it? We make Organic tea pyramids in England.
    ps your blog is lovely!

    Thanks, Kimberley.

  2. Hello Kimberly! I would LOVE that!

  3. Hi! I am a Hello Kitty lover from Singapore, & I came across your blog when searching online for the Liberty Kt range. You have amazingly beautiful pictures! I was wondering if you have seen the Liberty Lip Trio anywhere because I don't see it on the liberty site. Thank you!

  4. Hi, sorry if I write you here, but I wanted to send you a quick email (and then realised I didn't have it!) because for the last two weeks I wasn't able to post you any comments...not sure if I have a problem with my laptops (I tried from three different ones) and it's kind of frustrating because I really like your blog and reviews...So this message is just to let you know that I would love to leave a comment if I could...

    It's not even a year that I joined the 'blog-world' and it was a real pleasure discovering yours...I wish you all the best for the New Year!

  5. <3 what your blog is all about. Keep it up dear.

  6. Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog and saw your amazing hairstyle! Could you share who your hairdresser is in London? I just arrived in this city, and I would love to give my hair the chop. Thanks very much.

  7. Hello Anon!

    I have my hair cut a Muku Hair. More details here:

  8. I am liking the Moomins. They are the best!

  9. Btw I still have your tea samples (somewhere. O.o). Send me your contact details if you want them ! ;)


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