Dead Beautiful

When I tend to my plants, pluck away the dying or broken blooms, leaves and stems, I cannot help but be quietly moved by the beauty in their decay. There is beauty in the most unlikely places, if we care to take the time to notice. So, I've started to take photos of my dead plant bits.

“I learned that just beneath the surface there's another world, and still different worlds as you dig deeper. I knew it as a kid, but I couldn't find the proof. It was just a kind of feeling. There is goodness in blue skies and flowers, but another force--a wild pain and decay--also accompanies everything." David Lynch

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26b Kingsland Rd

Behind the door marked 24b on Kingsland Rd, Shoredich, lies one of my favourite shops in London. Jasper Morrison's shop, housed within an annex just off his studio, is purposely low-key. It is laden with a thoughtful collection of books and design treasures. The type of treasures that both inspire and echo much of my own explorations into product design.


You won't find the usual Instagrammable piles of ubiquitous designed in Denmark, made in China goods here. 

Nothing in the shop flashes its brand or designer. Everything here has a reason for being here. Everything here is SUPER NORMAL. These things do not change with time, they improve, they are good to have around and, as JM himself says;

"Super Normal may belong more to everyday life than it does to design".

A visit to the shop sets each contemplative visitor on a journey of discovery that encourages a more thoughtful approach to consumerism, appreciation of design and aesthetics. 

Jasper Morrison Shop

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From my Phone | Malaga

Early May in Malaga. The sun still unripe. Waves flail frigid onto the sand. Lifeguard post unattended. Beaches yet uncrowded. Chiringuito's silent. The tourist season, impending. Twitches of anticipation as the heat begins to rise.

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