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Pregnancy messed with me. I've come out on the other side with a few likes and dislikes rearranged in my head and there is no sign  going back yet. One such rearrangement was my former dislike of scented skincare, floral scented in particular. Fast forward to the now and my skincare routine is peppered with sweet smelling, mood elevating, smile inducing  delicate floral fragrances. (Did I really say that?)


This is one of my favourite morning cleansers. It is quite a full on blast of flowers 'in yer face' but it's nice to start the day smelling of roses these days and even nicer to have my skin feel not only fresh, but also smooth and gently pampered into the day. 


It's quite unusual to find a cream that refreshes and moisturises the face at the same time but this manages to do just that for me. It serves me well in the summer and pulls its weight in the winter too (over my face oil) never failing to leave a dewy finish to my skin. I'd feel greedy asking for anything more from a £20 cream especially when I got in the the sale for a chunky third off!


Winter plays havoc with my scalp. And going about my daily business itching my head is not a good look on any level (even if no one is looking). I give Klorane a virtual hug for coming up with this. It soothes my scalp and gets my hair squeaky clean. It smells like I've landed head first into a massive bouquet of flowers but most importantly..... I don't itch! 

I have no idea if my new found floral fixation is here to stay. I wonder?

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