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Much to Hiro's dismay and my amusement, there is a part of me that just melts at first sight when I come in contact with ceramics with sleepy faces.  I just cannot handle the guileless cuteness of it all.

The most recent objects that made me STOP- STARE-SQUEAL-BOOKMARK, are these handmade ceramic dinosaurs by Barruntando Ceramica who form all these creations out of white earthenware clay from their small workshop in Avilés, Spain.

Photo from Barruntando

Photo from Barruntando

Photo from Barruntando

Aside from the adorable dinosaurs and other figurines, you can buy equally adorabubble sleepy faced food bowls and even yarn bowls from their Etsy shop. I never knew yarn bowls were a thing but I sure do feel like I could do with one of Barruntando's one day.

| Barruntando's Etsy Shop | Barruntando's Instagram

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