People often remark on how we seem to have developed a knack for spotting abandoned buildings. It's a strange thing for us to hear because it is more of a case of.....

.......HOW CAN YOU NOT SPOT THEM...........

Hiro spied this disused warehouse on the daily commute to work. We just had to go back at weekend to take a better look.

Isn't it wonderful building? Those old bricks and the number of windows it houses. How we would love to take over a space like this and make it home.......Ah! What a dreamy place.

This is one of those buildings that remain decaying in plain sight - most people don't even notice it anymore. There used to be more of these places in London but with the property boom in play, everything seems to have pound signs floating above it. I wonder what its fate will be.

Another curiosity we came across on this walk, was a short row of trees tethered by metal railings. How amazing that in their growth, they seem to be consuming the metal. Nature shall always prevail.

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