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It is quite possible that I have been ensnared by those JOKERS that I so earnestly collect. And now, I have after a fashion found myself attracted to all manner of playing cards! 

I am particularly fond of the Mexican Loteria set because everything is so raucously bright and lovely to look at. I haven't a clue how to play, so shall have to wait till I make a friend from that part of the world who is willing to help me learn. Preferably over large doses of Mezcal.

The Counties of England Geographical game is a great little vintage find of mine. The pack dates back to the 1930s and according to the World of Playing Cards website, this is the 4th edition. They are quite sombre when compared to the other packs but what they lack in colour they more than make up for in local and historical interest as each card cites facts about each county depicted.

The final pack is vintage Bavarian Schafkopf deck. This rather florid deck is becoming quite rare these days as the English pack of cards continues to dominate the card-playing world.

I suppose fewer and fewer people play with cards these days? My boss occasionally mentions his wife's bridge evenings but other than that, I hear more of online gaming. Not quite the same is it? But then again, I am terribly old-fashioned!


  1. These sets are amazing! I haven't played cards in ages, not that I knew many games to start with.

  2. Oh! I think Loteria is like bingo - except rather than drawing little balls with numbers on them, you draw the cards. Still, it might be best to wait for a Spanish speaker to explain the instructions ;) In the meantime, all the cards are lovely and fascinating to look at. They certainly put my hotel playing cards to shame!

  3. These are just totally awesome, so vibrant and fun. Eyecatching too. I love to play with real cards, I always take a pack away with me if I'm staying away with friends or on holiday. All a bit of fun! I don't gamble with money though, all just for kicks.

    Buckets & Spades

  4. I love playing cards but I only know a few games that I've always played with my cousins at christmas. I've not played with cards in ages though because you're right, it's just not as popular any more - more people seem to play with various apps on their iPhones!

  5. I miss playing cards! I used to have a collection of them. these are so nice, love the artwork!

  6. these are beautiful! the only card games i played was chinese poker with friends in college :)


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