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Pounding the puddled pavements in London during winter is one of my least favourite things to do in life. It only falls further down the list when it starts to rain!

If we are still out at dinner time, I think the quickest way to warm up right through to the bones is to head to one of our favourite Korean restaurants for some seafood sundubu jjigae. 

Sundubu jjigae is a Korean stew (some say soup), made with silken tofu,vegetables and either seafood or meat in a spicy gochujang broth. It is cooked in the serving dish, an egg is added just before serving and it is served while still bubbling. Nothing warms me up quicker than this!

My favourite  Sundubu jjigae in London is on the menu at Koba which I recommend to anyone wanting to try Korean food. Their seafood sundubu comes served in a stone bowl. It is complex and brings together the fiery heat from the spices, mildness of tofu and depth of piquancy in a clever balancing act that doesn't completely overpower the seafood flavours.

I cannot leave a Koba without a bit of BBQ and of course a piping hot stone bowl of bibimbap!

You can find Koba at 11 Rathbone Street, London W1T 1NA. 


  1. although still sumer here it's been raining for a week and i'm starting to long for those warming foods!

  2. I am not obsessed with food, but i love you food posts.

  3. oh yummy and spicy! yangkyu loves this stuff. i wasn't always a fan because i'm picky with my tofu (lol) but there is a restaurant where we live that makes really yummy soundubu jjigae and so i like to go grab it from time to time :)


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