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We made a new friend in Zanzibar. He has a little shop of sorts on Pongwe beach. When I say 'shop', it really consists of a red masai shuka (blanket) stretched out over some rocks and on it, there was a few bracelets and a couple of cravings.


"Marahaba. Come and look at my shop!".

" I think this is a bad place for your shop, it is too quiet. There is nobody here."

" Yah, it is a very quiet beach."

" Maybe you can go to a busy beach like Dongwe. There are a lot of Italian tourists there. They have a lot of music and they like to party. Maybe that is a better place for a duka".

" Yah, but the noise is just boom boom boom".

Pongwe is one of our favourite beaches Zanzibar. It unpretentiously languishes in quietness, local vibes and eco/community conscious small resorts.

When the tide goes out,  it really goes out! The waters are dragged out to beyond the coral reef, leaving reams of seaweed behind. If you walk into the shallow waters, you can see an abundance of tiny little creatures waiting for the return of the tide.

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  1. Imagine having a wee shop there, that's something else!

    Buckets & Spades

  2. always overwhelms when someone lives my home with positive image of it :)

  3. Beautiful and perfect place...I love it ;) xx

  4. Thank you! Africa has my heart. It is my motherland and my heartland and I cannot help but see more beauty here than any other place on earth. I share your feelings x

  5. I also met another pair of Masai shop keepers on a different beach. They had more of a nomadic shop - They were so funny to talk to! I will never forget them! EVER!

  6. Isn't it Fiona? Makes me think - do I even need walls? Then the cold wind hits me and I remember where I actually live! hahahaha

  7. how beautiful, it looks so peaceful, like you could really clear your head.


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