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We have long spoken about highlighting some of the people or indeed groups of that we admire. Well-known people who may come from very different backgrounds and all sorts of lifestyles but who inspire us and our lives on different levels with their explosive or profound talents. These are the people who, to borrow words from Kerouac , make us feel like they;

"...burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes "Awww"

We will start the ball rolling with a man who we regard as the godfather of luminaires. Achille Castiglioni was an Italian Industrial designer who was born in Milan in 1918. 

We like the simple, ageless and innovative qualities of his luminaires that are not only applicable to lighting but in design in general. To us, his beautifully executed witty lamps retain a sense of honesty in their simple, balanced forms that remain stripped down to only the essential and basic parts. They fulfil our appreciation for design that fulfils a function rather than aesthetic value alone. 

Three of our favourite Castiglioni lamps - the ones that we most wish to own are:

Photo credits: 1/2/3

| ARCO Floor Lamp |
Designed in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacamo Castiglioni. It's that wonderful detailing of the neck. Profiling such a slender curving neck that is uninterrupted by ugly cables. The marble base is also a thing of beauty.

| TOIO Floor Lamp | 
Designed in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacamo Castiglioni. The incorporation of a special 300W car headlamp that was imported from USA in the 1960's created a industrial looking, functional and beautiful floor lamp that has sat towards the top of our wish list for a while now.

| PARENTESI Pulley Lamp |
Designed in 197 by Miu Manzu and Achille Castiglioni. This lamp gets us with its clever mechanism that used sliding friction to create many ways of adjusting the direction of the light.

For More Info | Achille Castiglioni Website (Designer) FLOS Website (Manufacturer) |


  1. These designs are really beautiful and they really are ageless. I wouldn't have guessed the 60's, they seem so modern and sleek. beautiful post and once again. i've learned something :')

  2. I appreciate your appreciation of home decor, but I don't share the same appreciation :) Take me to an IKEA for some knock offs, LOL.

  3. I agree with you K. The designs have remained so fresh.

  4. The lamp that leans right over reminds me of the lamp in the Dreamworks movies. That little lamp that jumps about everywhere. Only this lamp is long and tall and is reading over your shoulder.


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