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My stationery finickiness makes for baffled faces when I start talking about it. I have got used to it now. It's got to the stage where the stationery sales man at my office job avoids me incase I ask for yet another thing that he has never heard of and is certain does not exist. Take my highlighter demands for instance.

I wonder why western highlighter pens are all so chunky? They take up more room than necessary and they are rather cumbersome in the hand.

For this reason, highlighter pens regularly appear on my stationery shopping list when I am in Japan. I know you must think I am off my shopping trolly but seriously! There is so much more choice out there. Here is a speedy run through some of my favourites:

 photo WorshipbluesHighlighter1_zpsa4b51b7c.jpg

 photo WorshipbluesHighlighter2_zpsa5a828bf.jpg

| Pilot Frixion Soft |
Pastel colour erasable highlighters. So cool! Highlighted the wrong thing? Frixion's amazing technology allows you to erase any trace of your error.

 photo WorshipbluesHighlighter3_zps5c0b44a5.jpg

| Zebra Mildliner |
Like the Frixion Soft pens, these pastel shades are easy on the eye which I greatly appreciate.  They are double ended for for highliting with one end and underlining with the other. Of course this functionality allows for great shading and doodling too. The Mildliners come in shades that you would not even think of using as a highlighter, like grey. Take a look HERE

 photo WorshipbluesHighlighter4_zpsaa629ff7.jpg

| Zebra Sparky 1 |
Shockingly bright for when my softer highlighters won't do. The smoothest of the bunch with a fluid seamless ink flow.

 photo WrshipbluesHighlighters7_zps4447b865.jpg
Left to right: Frixion, Mildliner, Sparky

 photo worshipblueshighlighter8_zpsfcac7bcd.jpg

| Yamato Memoc Roll Tape |
Basically this is a highlighting tape. It is removable, semitransparent and great for use on documents or precious books. I bought this at my favourite stationery shop in London: Choosing Keeping.

 photo WorshipbluesHighlighter6_zps0ff77dd9.jpg

Of the three sorts of pens that I have, the Pilot pens are a bit dryer and the shades a bit duskier. Conversely the Zebra pens are wetter and the pastels have a whiter tone to them.

 photo worshipblueshighlighter5_zpsff255345.jpg

* Correction! The last swatch is Zebra Mildliner not Sparky.

In case you are wondering what I use all these highlighters for, I can tell you that they plenty of use in the following pursuits:

- Dressmaking - so handy when tracing Japanese dress patterns, the sort that come within a book. If you have never seen what these look like, then trust me, it's enough to give you a headache! They are printed one on top of the other like a massive brain hurting puzzle. Also great for making important bits on normal patterns too.

- Reading - for my personal notes and books too.

- Journalling - Colouring in and marking the important stuff.

- Work - proof reading all those fun work documents. I find that standard highlighters give me a headache after a while so the softer colours have become invaluable in my office. 

Most of these pens were bought in Japan. They can also be found on eBay, Jet Pens and Cult Pens too.


  1. I love stationary so much and would love some pastel toned highlighters! I might have to make a small eBay purchase, as sadly, I don't think I'm going to be in Japan any time soon!
    emmerliejay x

  2. I'm drooling over the description of the highlighter that glides so smoothly. DROOLING. I know exactly what you mean! I never heard of highlighting tape. Cool.

  3. This is such a lovely, unusual post. I agree that regular highlights are much too chunky - I have a slim highlighter in work and I always use it instead of the big ones! These pastel colours are also lovely - much nicer than the luminous shades which can give you a headache after a while.


  4. I admit, I am not much for highlighters, but they do come in handy on occasion. In North America we finally got slim highlighters a few years ago and I must say, it has made a world of difference to my sanity - I may be almost as finicky as you when it comes to my writing implements!

  5. I have the same mildliner green highlighter and just realized there are two sides on it!

  6. oh my god, if there's such a thing as 'dream highlighters' these are it haha. exactly my thought whenever I shop for a new one, why are they all so chunky!

  7. The Zebra Sparky is sooooooo bright, love that about it. I agree, most of the time they don't even fit in a pencil case.

  8. oh my gosh, that highlighting tape is genius! also, could definitely use those highlighters in my textbooks!

  9. When you start sewing - you will be back at your stationery shop getting highlighters! You wait and see :)

  10. It is bright but after a while brights give me a headache. Still love them though!

  11. Such a silly idea to make them chunky. I can't even think of a good reason.

  12. Hahahahaha!! I did that too! I had them for a while then started noticing two ends on the pens I saw on Instagram...I was like WOAH!!!

  13. Why did chunky highlighters ever get made Cee??

  14. Thanks for commenting Charlene. I am with you on all your notes here. No need for them to be chunky and silly shaped and as for the brightness I get headaches from the luminous ones so the pastel shades are such a great idea in my book.

  15. Tape is such a good idea! It comes of really clean too.

  16. Today Pilot told me that they are going to release the soft tones over here soon. That will make me soooo happy!!

  17. Pastel markers are the best! I wish I'd found out about them during uni, I hated those standard bright yellow markers.

  18. Oh me too!! The brights induce headaches after a while for me.

  19. These look amazing, I need to go stationary shopping with you, so you can point out all the good stuff ;) xx


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