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The Grant Museum of Zoology was founded as a teaching collection in 1828 by Robert Edmond Grant. The collection has survived the bombs of war, ceiling collapses, evacuations, flooding and the threats of closure yet still stands today as the only remaining university zoological museum left in London.

Around 67,000 specimens live here, many of which are now either endangered or extinct such as the dodo, quagga and Tasmanian tiger. 

The shelves and cabinets of the museum are an overloaded congregation of odd stillness and empty stares alongside the compellingly grotesque. It is a slightly unnerving place to visit yet it is improbable that you will leave without learning something new. I know we were truly fascinated and look forward to visiting these creatures again. I quite fancy taking the gibbon skeleton home with me - it's so cute! However, I must confess that I don't really fancy being accidentally locked in here at night.

Oh! I should mention that the the Micrarium that we previously mentioned HERE can be found in a corner of the Grants Museum. Another little fact worth noting is that this was the filming location for the courtroom scenes in Batman begins - of course this took place before the skeletal residents moved in and made it their new home.

You can find the Grant Museum here:
Rockefeller Building
University College London
21 University Street
London WC1E 6DE


  1. I love places like this (although the jar of moles is slightly unnerving). The museum reminds me of a super-sized Victorian curio cabinet. Thanks for sharing...definitely a place I am visiting when I come to England!

  2. Oh my! I really don't think I would fancy being locked in here, either - although I have to admit that I find the little bird skeleton with its wings tipped down surprisingly sweet.

  3. oh man.. this looks awesome! some of these look a bit creepy but I like that haha. I've been wanting to go to some kind of museum, this is triggering me to do so!

  4. Oh this place looks fascinating, I love natural history-ish museums. The jar of moles is definitely a little bit grotesque as you say!

  5. ooh would definitely love to visit here!

  6. the jar of moles..i couldn't stop looking at it but i really didn't want too! it looks like a fascinating place to wander round (i must be the worlds oddest vegetarian, no?)
    p.s i LOVE Batman :D

  7. So cool. My favourite is the jar of moles. You should take a trip to Oxford one day and check out... http://www.prm.ox.ac.uk/

  8. Wow this is so fascinating and creepy all at once. I really wish I had known about this place when I went to England last month, because I would have loved to visit it and see all of these things in person.

    Rae | love from berlin

  9. Ha ha. Space saving, I like it. 'What shall we do with all of these moles?!' - a question said by no-one ever...except maybe the owner of that jar.

  10. It's one of those things isn't it K? Like you have to look despite yourself?

    You are special in this way x

  11. Another one for your list dear Fiona? :)

  12. Marvellous place, I need to go here :)) xx

  13. I quite like creepy coolness :) You should definitely go to such place.

  14. Another thing we have in common Jane! Isn't it? So many of them!!

  15. I think that is exactly what this is like Hasini - well put!


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