| Photo Diary | Creak to The Sea

If you pay €2.50 and hop aboard Tram 1 from Infante in Porto, you will creak and creep in a most leisurely of rickety ways along the riverside for about 30 minutes. Then, you will end up here.

There is something about tools of a trade that I find captivating. In this case fishing nets, ropes and baskets caught my eye. Maybe it is partly to do with the colours or textures or even the smell of the sea sun drying upon them. I think that it is more about the sense of the person that uses them. The earnest hope, diligence and skills learned over years resonates.

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  1. I just love anything related to water. The calmness, I think I like even though waters can be treacherous.

  2. Oh Yasumi, you are making me fall in love with Portgual - and I've been to Portugal, so I know that it's really not my favourite country, but your photos just make it look so appealing!

  3. The photos in this post are beautiful. I too love fishing nets and photographs of simple everyday things. When I was living in Suffolk I used to go to the and snap away.

  4. Very beautiful. Almost magical. I love it.
    I really want to visit now.
    Es x x

  5. This is perfect...I would sit on one of these rocks and just forget the day...looks so peaceful :)) xx

  6. You too Daisy? I have a collection of them now - I want to share the pics we took in Zanzibar one day too!

  7. *faints* seriously? I know how you feel about Portugal - I was expecting you to remind me :) xxxx

  8. Me too! I love it but have a healthy respect for it too!

  9. Love everything about this - that tram is just so beautiful and that shot of the rocks and the river! Oh I want to go on holiday right away - I'm done with January already ha!

  10. January is a tough month isn't it? I always look forward to spring at this time of year!

  11. hello sweetie :)

    nice post!, great pics so inspiring . . .

    love design of your blog ... like everything!

    Tell me how about follow each other?

    Let me know please, I always follow back :)

    Have an inspiring day :**

    keep in touch




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