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The past few weeks are certain to be a food-filled fest for many people. Seasonal treats will have been relished. New and old favourites will have enticed our waistlines. Hours will have been spent in kitchens all over with hearts hoping to impress, nourish and satisfy loved ones with the fruits of their labour. 

Here are some of my favourite eats of the past couple of weeks:

Tonjiru. A substantial heart warming miso-based soup with finely sliced pork, konnyaku, carrots, green beans, spring onions and gobou (burdock).

Our customary Christmas night fish BBQ. This year we enjoyed fresh mackerel and bream.

Toshikoshi Soba. Late night New Year's Eve buckwheat noodles made Hiro-style with a topping of aubergines, spring onions and shiitake mushrooms.

Ozouni. Made in our family's traditional style specially to be eaten on New Year's Day.

One of my favourite New Year snacks of all time. Kirimochi (pounded glutinous rice) grilled and topped with a thick slice of cheddar, a dash of shouyu and wrapped in crispy nori.

Oh! Did you know that mochi is Japan's most deadliest food? It's not poisonous, more of a choking hazard because of its texture. So far this year 9 people have died from choking on it. 

I wish I could take credit for these gorgeous examples of homely deliciousness but it was Hiro who made these.  

What have been your favourite dishes/treats this past few weeks?


  1. Oishii!! Yes, we are making Ozouni for tonight. Can't wait. The fish BBQ tradition sounds fab!

  2. Oh my, there have been so many delicious foods consumed around here over the past weeks, its hard to know where to begin talking about it. Our Christmas feasts tend to be quite non-traditional. Although I am no longer a vegetarian thanks to my iron levels, we spent many years perfecting veggie celebrations and for me, Christmas isn't quite Christmas without a vegetarian pot pie. My other favourite is the twelfth night treat, galette des rois, a frangipane tart that we just polished off this morning. And as of tomorrow, it will be all vegetables and fruits around here!

  3. Food food! I am hungry now. Scary to learn that food can kill you! Interesting fact.

    I've tried to stop eating chocolates so I've been eating big juicy oranges instead. Delicious!

    Katrina Sophia

  4. Whoa everything looks delicious!
    Deadliest factor about mochi is the thing I love about it most :P
    Happy New Year!!

  5. Everything does look delicious - you can't beat a Japanese New Year feast!

  6. I think everyone needs a Hiro in their life! Yummo :) Also mochi is hands down responsible for me putting on 10 kilos in Japan despite biking everywhere and climbing mountains - why do you have to be sooo delicious mochi!

  7. I want all the food....ALL the food :))))))))) xx

  8. I heard that about mochi! So scary but so yummy. And I am savoring all these wonderful meals. Mackerel is our favorite but it's probably because we're not adventurous with fish around here. And I love that tradition you have of BBQ fish. I am also reminded of another dish Yangkyu and I enjoy very much gyudon :)


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