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I may secure my status as a freak by saying this but I really dislike shopping.  What I mean is the short of shopping that does not involve food or swathes of interesting things made with heart or an interesting story. The high streets and I can never be friends because their stacks of cheaply made but overpriced crap just annoys me. I should get off my high-horse at this point and admit that such is life here in London that it cannot be avoided completely. Doesn't stop me looking forward to the day when we all adopt a more conscientious way of shopping and start to see and encourage more independent shops and makers to get out there.

So I spend most of my "shopping time" on line. Today I thought I would share a couple of things that I have come across online and have since scribbled down onto my "I want to get this when we are next in Japan - okay Hiro?" list.

| Shirokuma Tea Bag Holder |

This adorable little porcelain cup lid is designed by Necktie Office and hand made in Nagasaki. 

Take a look HERE for more information and beautiful photos of the making process. 

| Illustrated Daruma Calendar 2015 | 

Anyone who knows us knows that we love Daruma representations. In Japan these rotund fellows are a talisman for perseverance and good luck. So naturally I really like this calendar and yes I still use paper diaries/calendars (but you guessed that right?). Designed and made by Akiko DaSilva so that the user can fill in one eye after deciding on a goal and then the other once it has been achieved. A nice little motivator if you ask me.

Take a look HERE for more info on Akiko and her work.


  1. Wel aren't those neat! I especially like the polar bear tea bag holder!

  2. The Shirokuma tea bag holder :') oh my goodness, that's the cutest thing! Those calendars are so lovely too, I've never seen that design before!

    on a different note, you would've loved/loathed my latest chapter in my degree..it was about Supermarket Power and dominance and whether it is a force for good or bad. It spoke a lot about the decline of the high street which was once full of independent shops and craftsman..really interesting topic but then it leaned into politics and I switched off hehe :')

  3. I love the Daruma concept and so fun to see all those behind the scenes shot of the cutest teabag holder ever :) It's definitely nice to have an appreciation of where something has come from.

  4. If you are a freak for hating the high streets, then I am right there with you, dear girl. Honestly, I popped through H&M yesterday just to take a shortcut and even being in the store was tiresome, without even looking at the merchandise. I think the problem is that most of us don't have the budgets we would like, so I admit I sometimes get sucked into high street purchases - primarily at Zara - because there is no way I can afford a handmade, proper version of something I truly love. But I am trying. And I have a list very similar to this one, only for things I will buy next time I'm in France :)

  5. Oh my goodness, the tea bag holder is adorable!

  6. That's a good list to make. One day I'll visit, I'm sure of it. It's a dream of mine.

    Buckets & Spades

  7. That tea bag holder! <3
    I've become an avid online window shopper, as a lot of these more unique webshops either don't ship to Belgium or have outrageous shipping rates to my country (which isn't their fault really, Belgium is just seriously lagging behind in anything related to online retail/shipping policies)

  8. ooh. stacks of cheaply made and overpriced crap. i hate to say it but i couldn't agree more, prices are hiking just because of the names stamped on the product, not because of it's quality. not all of them of course, I also believe that most of the people behind some of the brands work really, really hard to get there too and they have really good quality stuff - but these days, real hard to come by ergh. p.s that Daruma calendar, I love it!!

  9. Take me with you! I love everything on your list and the high street really gets tiresome.

  10. I love when you introduce us to these wonderful makers!

  11. I love that Daruma calendar! It'd be good to encourage myself to do something new each month.
    I completely agree - I love things that have been brought together with care and love. I think that's why I love Liberty in London. You can see each item in there has been picked specially.


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