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I've got a feeling. A niggling, jiggling funky feeling that next year will be a big year for us - one way or another!

When I get this sort of feeling - I tend to pick my diary accordingly. This year I've opted for a roomier than my normal choice two part weekly diary with space for notes, doodles and pics that will also fit into one of THESE handy binders when the year is done with.

Jotting stuff down in a diary is ever a fun-filled fussy thing of assortments for me for which I make use of adornments like these:
  • Multipens - My favourites are the Pilot Coleto pens and their dangerously cute refills. I wrote about them previously HERE.
  • Washi tape of all sizes and patterns. "Washi" means Japanese paper and I wrote about my collection of tapes HERE.
  • An assortment of diary stickers. I have more stickers than most stationery shops in UK have - seriously! I have to use them up somehow and using them to illustrate my diary is a good a way as any.
  • Clips 
  • Deco tape pens. I will blog about these soon.
  • Page markers
  • Marker pens of all sorts for highlighting and doodling and adding even more colour. I will write about my various marker pens very soon.
I am not the only one with a decorative diary obsession. Its quite rampant in Japan. I especially admire the ones with doodles throughout:

Pics in the collage are property of Instagram users: Cappleco/Natsume_notebook/Conatsu/AMIDWINTERND

USEFUL LINKS | I bought my diary from The Journal Shop 


  1. I used to journal and have a doodling note that I decorated with different types of pens and stickers and pictures and such. I miss doing this so much. Yangkyu relies on Google Calendar and we put everything on there and so handwritten schedule keeping and journaling has basically ceased to exist. I should really think about how I can start again and find it a good purpose so that it doesn't feel overwhelming and repetitive in that I'm not updating things on multiple devices/places. This post is getting me excited at the possibility! :) And I hope 2015 will be an amazing year for you! Happy New Year!

  2. I am mainly distracted by the pineapple and watermelon print in your background, what is it!? I'm pretty crap at keeping a diary, I rely mainly on my phone but do miss having a physical thing to carry around, my main problem is that I forget to refer to it!!

  3. those diaries are lovely :) i love all of your cute stickers too! I hope that 2015 brings lots of fun surprises to you and all you goals and wishes are made :')

  4. I can't wait to see what wonderful things the new year brings! You're life is so ccccuuuuuutttttteeeee when decorated in drawings, stickers, and in colorful ink. My planner is utilitarian ;).

  5. I've been eye-ing off the 2015 diaries in the shops but I'm quite picky and it has to be perfect (slightly insane confession). I know it makes more sense to keep your diary online and better for the environment but I feel if I haven't recorded something down physically than it doesn't truly exist (second slightly insane confession) :P How exciting is the start of the New Year - such hope for 2015!! I hope your year is amazing and sticker colourful :)

  6. Wow. Just wow. I journaled for years, but somehow gave up chronicling my life on paper - except in the mundane, this is what I have to do on this day, keeping a schedule kind of way. I actually haven't missed it much until I read this post and saw all of those wonderfully illustrated journals from Japanese instagram users. They put any journal I ever had to shame, anyway, but still - it gives me the feeling that I should start again. I hope you'll show us a few peeks inside your journal throughout 2015. Happy New Year!

  7. such creativity is inspiring! My very best wishes to you & Hiro for the New Year!

  8. beautiful! i am looking for a good diary, and it's the last day of the year already! love those stickers haha i have tons, i want them owls you've got, Yasumi! happy new year you two, i wish you love, and more adventures! x

  9. more space, more good stuff to fill it up with! How fun, and also positive too. I've got a new one, Peanuts x Molskine number, can't wait to get plans into it.

    Buckets & Spades

  10. Ah that reminds me, I need to get a new one too!
    When I'm in Thailand, I love going to the stationary stores with my cousin (she LOVES stationary), even the little stores in the countryside have nicer and cuter things than those back home.
    Wishing you a happy New Year filled with diary doodles! :)

  11. I love Japanese stationery! Is that your dining table top?! SO cute!

  12. Hello Charlotte - it's a piece of wrapping paper that Hiro wrapped a Christmas gift in for me. Too nice to chuck or recycle so I ironed it and saved it :)


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