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This year we re-discovered the joys of self-catering accommodation. While we love the convenience of hotels, sometimes it is much easier to get comfortable in a place that affords you more space and  freedom.

Earlier this year we found a lovely little cottage in the small market town of Newent right on the edge of the Forest of Dean. We rented the lakeside property for 2 nights from Forest Barn Holidays who were exceedingly helpful with all our questions before we even arrived.

You can imagine our delight when we arrived and were met with a spotlessly clean, welcoming and sunny little cottage! Our hosts had very kindly provided us with a welcome basket brimming with treats such as a bottle of wine, cereal, bread, teabags, freshly ground artisinal coffee and conserves. They had also sourced locally made apple juice, cider and cheese. The eggs came from her own hens and the the butter was churned on her friend's farm. Seriously heartwarming stuff no?

The bathroom was spacious, the bedrooms compact but cosy with crisp fine linen. The kitchen was well appointed which is important to us because when the three of us are together (the brother-in-law came too) good Japanese home cooking MUST happen at some point. The cottage also had a glass conservatory extension that would fill with sunshine in the mornings and afternoons; it became our favourite place to hang-out.

As much as we like staying in hotels, we also like self-catering options for many reasons really. Such as:

- They can be easier on the wallet.
- You can bring your own bar or even kitchen. Stocking up at local markets or even supermarkets is a great way to try local produce and tipples. Not everything is available in restaurants.
- You can't miss breakfast because there is no time frame.
- You can sit in the lounge in your pajamas.
- You can be more flexible with your dining plans and perhaps save money too.
- Space! Lots of it and a proper living space.
- When you book self-catering accommodation directly with the owner you get a much more personal and individual level of service and it feels good to support local independent businesses.

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  1. This place looks gorgeous...I would definitely stay here :) It is nice to do this kind of trip as it's a home, so it's more relaxing at times, no other guests making noise in the hallways or anything like that. So kind that they left a basket of things...wonderful :) x

  2. I always prefer self-catering accommodation over hotels - the personal feel of it has a lot to do with it, but not needing to be dressed for breakfast by a certain time certainly helps, too! This cottage looks positively charming, and that basket of treats simply adds to the appeal as far as I'm concerned :)

  3. I love the touches they had to greet you, this stuff really matters to me.

    Buckets & Spades

  4. Me too! We were really touched and we hadn't expected anything so we had turned up with shopping!

  5. Oh the lovely feeling of being able to walk about in my pyjamas can never be underestimated!

  6. I think you would like it here too K!!

  7. very beautiful!! everything looks so personal. I love that. I love your blog too.
    Es x x

  8. what a lovely place, it looks so peaceful! I like your point about not missing breakfast too..constantly happens to me every time in hotels haha


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