| Photo Diary | Stone Town Streets

If I have to speak of a travel related regret in life, I have but one.  Not as yet spending at least one night in Stone Town. 

Stone Town is a place that I have passed through many times heading single-mindedly for the beaches. What a silly girl I am! On our last visit, we spent a few leisurely hours deep in her spell and I wish we could have stayed longer. While we were there, we managed to get wonderfully lost and it is a marvellous place to get lost.

Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has a unique infusion of Arab (Omani in particular), Persian, Indian and European influences permeating its history yet all are underpinned by an immutable Swahili culture.

This is a living maze of stone, silence, noise, shadow, sunlight and prayer and enterprise. Its contradictions and its sun, wind and sea battered walls bring a surprise around every corner that keeps visitors in a state of wonder. You may find a market, a tea shop, mosques, empty streets, dead-ends or even the ocean waiting for you there.

When you travel to places it is so natural and easy to get caught up in the magic of a place. It is so easy to convince yourself that you will return.........one day. I know that I personally have a list of places that I say that I'd like to return to one day but the pull that Zanzibar is different, like my need to constantly return to Japan it is relentless. But unlike Japan, I hear Zanzibar's call like a long lost lullaby deep, deep in my soul and I know that I cannot help but go back again and again and again.

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  1. it looks eerie but also quiet by looking at these photos. looks like it was a great idea to check the area out!

  2. As someone who constantly had the pull of Japan you give Zanzibar some compelling evidence - the cat pic wins me over for sure :) Another reminder to see more of this World!

  3. every nook and cranny seems so captivating. and look at those kitties <3

  4. What a wonderfully intriguing looking place - although I admit all of the hanging electrical cords make me a bit nervous, it's important to get outside our normal comfort zones when seeing the world (particularly as North Americans, since we are so protected from everything dangerous and spoiled for comfort and space here.) I had never heard of Stone Town before, but I must do some researching now :)


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