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For some reason, the Greek Islands is one of those holiday destinations that some people jump on their high-horse and get fresh about. People talk about the "nicer islands" and upmarket expensive resorts but the truth is that there are gems to be sought out if you have an open mind and the will to look.

Our first couple of holidays together were to the Greek Islands and we have such happy memories of our budget getaways that it felt right to revisit them again this year. We went towards the end of the season when the crowds had gone, the weather still glorious and the price very friendly!

Our budget holiday included flights, self-catering apartment accommodation and transfers to and from the airport. Most of our adventures recently involve kilometres of walking and trying to decipher various public transport systems so it felt amazing to be hapless beach-bums for a while. 

Hat from GAP. Sandals from iPANEMA, Backpack from EASTPAK, Bikini from Primark, Kaftan is a vintage buy.

Our destination was a sleepy little place called Alykanas on the island of Zakynthos. We didn't pay much for this package deal so our expectations were low but the beach (which was just a 3 minute stroll away from our apartment) took us aback. Crystal clear clean seawater that was both shallow and warm made the trip very special indeed!

I read a lot of books on this beach. I stared at the sea and wondered what you call those patterns that sunlight coruscates through  the waves. I ate a lot of peaches and even indulged in my 1st €2 chicken gyros. It was a beautiful time.

I would recommend Alykanas to anyone looking for a quick and reasonable getaway from London or Manchester. There are some great deals out there.

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  1. Amazing photos. I really want to visit Greece next year.
    I love the third photo!!
    Es x x

  2. That water and peach look delicious! My sister & her husband spend a week in Greece, as well as my boss & his wife. All this past summer. They all loved it!

  3. perfect! the crystal clear water reminds me of Krabi, sooo beautiful. ok I'm gonna be miserable all day, thinking about the beach :/ haha

  4. The nicer islands? I've never heard anything so silly! Wherever this particular island falls in that snobby scheme of things, the water looks absolutely delightful - almost nice enough to make a water fearer like me go near it!

  5. I need to go, the water looks amazing and I need some sun :)) x

  6. I wonder what you do call those patterns, or indeed if you should invent a name?

    Buckets & Spades

  7. Beautiful photos. I went to Zakynthos and it was stunning - just down the road was the party town but where we were was one of the best beaches i've seen.

  8. ahhh, how heavenly! can't wait for the summer holidays next year.

    Katrina Sophia


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