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I don't really buy into why all so many skincare products have to be gender specific. I am sure that it has more to do with clever marketing that has made us just follow suit. Ok, that may be a smidgen cynical. I am sure that there are some real epidermal differences between men's and women's skin but I am sure that the differences are mainly to do with our consumer needs, concerns and habits.

These days many of our personal care items are blurring the gender divide. Here are a few of our regular culprits.

YuskinA or Yu-Be as it is called in the UK |
is a medicated concentrated glycerine moisturiser. Hiro's staple moisturiser. For me, it is perfect for areas of stubbornly dry patches. 

| Aesop Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant

This is quite a unique product as it is a dry mix of crushed exfoliating botanicals that can be mixed into our facial cream or gel based cleansers in a sort of bespoke mixture that suits our different needs. 

Kiehls Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil | 

Great applied on my wet hair as it helps to ease the frizz and it creates tidier waves and curls for my thick coarse hair. Hiro keeps his hair short all over these days and this helps to keep his sensitive scalp from drying out in the cold. Also a favourite on the body when we are on sunny holidays.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Gokujyun Moisturising Lotion |

Great as after shaving for men as it is alcohol free so it soothes and smooths the skin without causing irritation. I tend to pat a little onto my face as a skin prep before applying moisturiser to relieve the feeling of tightness after washing, boost hydration and add plumpness to the texture of my skin. 

Aesop Resolute Hydrating Body Balm |

This spicy aroma cream was a gift from a friend. It has turned out to be a wonderfully hydrating foot cream for both of us. Perfect as as do our fair share of wandering!


  1. I know you're not wrong about mens and womens skincare products - when I used to work in cosmetics, there were very few male-specific lines, but Clinique did have one. For the sake of interest, one day I compared the ingredients on the mens and womens products... No difference at all! It's all in the marketing, I suppose.

  2. i think i once saw a video that breaks down gender marketing and really there isn't much of a difference between men and women's product - only the smell of the product. i thought it was interesting! i've been meaning to try aesop for a long time but never plunged and bought. i've been relying on apple cider vinegar but now that the weather has cooled i feel like i need another kind of skin care routine. always so tricky!

  3. I am actually feeling guilty that everyone around me as worked out a skin routine and I am still washing my face with soap *facepalm* but I think this post gave me the inspiration to get my act together. And I'm not even telling you about my make-up bag which has been known to harbour items older than two years old.

  4. There are slight differences in male and female skin - due to hormones mens' is thicker, slightly lower PH and produces more sebum however this isn't actually reflected in the products targeting men. If you look at the ingredients list they are generally the same for all - just the packaging is different. It does make me laugh when i see male moisturiser called "face shield". Equally if you look at shaving foam for women called "skin soother" with exactly the same ingredients but more expensive in a pink canister. I once witnessed a hilarious situation in Aesop, where a woman had an absolute fit that she was being advised to buy a "man's" product - how dare they call her a man etc. (after she'd described her issue, the sales asst had recommended the post-shave lotion). Personally I don't let labels be the boss of me!

  5. thats interested the hada labo works as an after shave. I am so into skincare right now its crazy..... I enjoyed this post! thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Hello Samantha!
    Hada Labo is great because it has no alcohol to irritate the skin - sounds simple no? But here a lot of the men's after-shaving treatments contain so much of it.

  7. the other day I ran out of shampoo and so I use Ken's (he actually 'help' in finishing mine off)! it's rather surprising, my hair is softer and shinier after using his - but I had to bear the masculine scent all day long haha. p.s I've been eye-ing that Hada Labo lotion for soo long, you might have convinced me to finally get it ;)

  8. These look like super products :))) xx


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