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In a small bowl that sits quietly on a shelf in our home, rests little things that we have picked off the ground and brought home with us over the years:

A large shell and sections of red coral that Hiro found in Zanzibar in 2006.
A rusty screw that I picked up on a diamond mine in South Africa.
Chunks of lapis and amazonite that I took from my father's garden.
A pine cone found near Eastbourne.
A sloping tile that we found amid abandoned bathhouses in Japan.
A piece of pretty blue pottery found by lake Biwa in Japan
A slither of stone found in Brighton
2 tiny striking shells that a friend brought back from New Zealand.


  1. Well there we go! I've seen people's rock collections before but never such a mixed bunch. The red coral is quite something, so is the lapis. isn't that stuff quite pricey? Good on you. Funnily enough I have a rock from Brighton.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. What intriguing and wonderful treasures. I must admit that I have rarely picked anything up off the ground on my travels since I was very little, but I am going to excuse myself for that by saying that nothing I have ever walked past to date has been so lovely or intriguing as these pieces. Particularly the coral!

  3. I can't even explain how much I love this post :)

  4. You pick up such pretty things on the ground. All I see are cigarette butts ;).

  5. I might've said it before, but I'll say it again - you guys have the loveliest collection of things. :)

  6. I only remember it from playing games like Skyrim :)

  7. So sweet in its simplicity! I love the collection of treasure that tie in to beautiful memories!


  8. there is beauty everywhere. we just have to look. :)

  9. Marvellous...I have a bowl of things collected from places too :) xx

  10. Ahahahahaha! Actually its the same here in London. Cigarette butts and chewing gum :(

  11. Thank you Sharon. I love this collection because everything was free :)

  12. these red corals! my mum visited Jurassic Coast recently and picked up some interesting pieces that I really want to go myself and explore. There are amazing stuff out there.

    Katrina Sophia


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