| Abandoned | Vestiges

We should not have been in here, we know that. But we could not resist an unwatched staircase and a door left ajar. 

The stuff that people leave behind when they abandon a building is so interesting. Sometimes even more interesting than the building itself.

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  1. ... or the way they leave stuff (or maybe those stuffs were rearranged by unwanted passerby?) Amazing how a mat folded neatly on the bed was abandoned.

  2. How utterly fascinating it is to see the way that time seems to settle over an empty place. Thank-you for sharing this peek inside with us!

  3. I always wonder that too, it's really sad for people to leave things behind - or maybe for other minds it's liberating!

  4. ooooooh great post! it really is interesting what people leave behind :) i always think that of abandoned hospitals too, with all the equipment left.

  5. the weight scale got my eye. i imagined it being used to a young family. such a cute design to appeal to little ones.

  6. So interesting indeed, loved the scales and the stool like objects as well, those were amazing. It's partly sad as well, because one doesn't know why the people there previously left, it only leaves many different conclusions you can think of. But, I really enjoy guessing an answer :) xx


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