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The plain truth is that I need new notebooks like I need a hole in the head. Yet I could not resist slipping a set of Field Notes' Unexposed notebooks into my Journal Shop shopping cart. I have appeased my guilt by reminding myself how I make short speedy work of notebooks, filling teetering stacks of various sizes each year.

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The Field Notes Unexposed pack is a Limited edition set of three for autumn 2014. There are 20 possible shockingly bright (or ever easy to spot) combinations but each pack is a secret random selection within a neat black package presenting a little surprise when unwrapped.

The notebooks behave much better with pencil or ballpoint pens. They are far more temperamental with fountain pen ink and the results seem to depend largely on both the pen used, the hand of the user as well as the ink used. These are great for travel and general lists and everyday use and quite perfect for me in winter!

Here are some noteworthy Details:
Pages: 48 pages of bright white "reticle graph" paper.
Cover: Soft cover 
Binding: Stapled
Size: Pocket size 90 x 140mm

More info | Journal Shop's Selection of Field Notes | Field Notes Website |


  1. These are super, love the super bright colours as well, easy for me to find :) And the pages look super, I like the little cross marks as I can write, but draw if I wish as well. Love these :) xx

  2. i'm a sucker for stationery, especially notebooks and these look fantastic! The pink is lovely :D

  3. What do you write in them? Draw? They are adorable though!

  4. I write a lot. I have notebooks for recipe's. I dream of writing a book so many pages go towards that. Travel notes take up countless other notebooks. Blog posts - ideas, entire write ups. I can't stop!

  5. I am right there with you, Yasumi. I need more blank pages like a need more holes in my head, but somehow I always fill them in the end and so I just keep acquiring them. Personally, though, I prefer that my notebooks have lines - my scribbles tend to veer off in odd directions if they aren't kept in check!

  6. I like how the colours you get are a surprise! All my ideas and lists go on random scraps of paper instead of notebooks, haha. Do you keep all yours when they're filled up?

  7. I collected all my unused notebooks the other week together in one box and gasped at just how many I have but I still can't shake the habit either of buying more - happy addiction :)

  8. i love the bright bold colors. i would have one each for my weekend plans, meal plans, blog ideas and random dreams i want to accomplish :)

  9. Yes! I like lines too but Hiro at time hijacks my notebooks and draws in them - so I wonder what he will make of these? *giggles*

  10. I do! I keep them all!! I look through old ones sometimes and laugh at myself too!

  11. Ah Jane you are my kinda girl - there is always something that needs noting down.


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