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Last year I mentioned my little GOTOCHI COLLECTION. It has done a bit of growing since then and more regional Hello Kitty mascots have joined my little parade!

 photo WorshipbluesGotochi1_zps95f5349e.jpg

 photo IMGWorshipbluesgotochiasakusa_zps052e8a83.jpg
Asakusa Hello Kitty
 photo WorshipbluesUtsunomiya_zps68b4e556.jpg
Utsunomiya Hello Kitty
 photo WorshipbluesGotochiYokohama_zpsd2c4aa98.jpg
Yokohama Hello Kitty
 photo WorshipbluesToshougunGotochi_zpsb250872e.jpg
Nikko Hello Kitty
 photo WorshipbluesTokugawaGotochi_zpsdddbd174.jpg
Tokugawa Hello Kitty

I found this amusing photo that Hiro took of me while we where in Japan. I seem to be inspecting my new additions - really carefully. 

I am still on a mission to collect as many as I can from all parts of Japan - this may take a lifetime! It's hard for me to pick one favourite. I especially like the Tokugawa one above and the Gunma and the Nara one from my last haul.

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  1. Seeing photos of this collection of yours always brings a smile to my face - and reminds me I'm not the only grown up girl with a toy collection, which is comforting ;) Although my personal pleasure is teddy bears - there is a build-a-bear store here that absolutely kills me, I can't even walk by - I can absolutely appreciate what makes you love these sweet little critters.

  2. These are so cute! I've never seen them before, they would make such good souvenirs from trips. Love that photo of you, haha!

  3. that's great that it'll be a lifetime endeavor! :)

  4. The pea pod is odd right? I love it too - it is from Yamagata where amongst many things - they are famed for their beans! a haha

  5. noooooooooo this is too cute!! you have the best collection of things xx

  6. It's great to be a collector! Like going on a scavenger hunt whenever you travel! These are adorable!!!! The UK one is cute!

  7. These are just tooo cute :) I love collections, you look adorable here, bless :))) xx

  8. There are hundreds to collect mate - I will be at this for years!

  9. Gotochi are so cute!!! I love the onsen related ones, but they are all adorable! How do you store them? I don't know what do with my various collections :/


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