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Since I begun to divulge my fixation with fountain pens on the blog,  requests for advice also begun to steadily trickle into our inbox. I am so pleased that not everyone thinks I am an old-fashioned eccentric and that some are even eager to risk inky fingers and splattered pages to give the fountain pen a go.

It seems that most people that get in touch are looking for recommendations for a good starter fountain pen that won't break the bank to try out. I actually have a few in mind but for now, let's start with the Lamy Safari.

Here are few quick fire pointers about the Lamy Safari Fountain pen that might be helpful to know:

- Made of lightweight, sturdy and durable ABS plastic and available in a host of colours including an annual Limited Edition shade which I find irresistible

- Pens are available in a choice of nibs in either polished steel or coated black finish they easily interchangeable and cost less than £3

- Triangular moulded plastic ergonomic grip that I like but some find uncomfortable

- Writes very smoothly and seemlessly no scratching of pages but can be on the wet side. So, depending on the ink it may take a bit longer to dry and may bleed through to the reverse page depending on the paper you use

- Maintenance is simple as it comes apart easily for cleaning

- Takes specific Lamy cartridges though Monteverde also make Lamy compatible cartridges. I mainly use mine with an LZ24 piston converter so I can make use of all the bottled inks that I have

- Has a flexible self-sprung chrome wire clip

- Affordable, reliable and good value for money and cost less than £15.00

- Designed by Wolfgang Fabian and has remained in production since 1980.

Aside from the Lamy Safari, the clear Vista is equally good. Lamy Joy (the white long pen pictured)is a good starter calligraphy pen. 

Now if you are wondering why I love fountain pens so much I would answer, that they are to me, the ultimate writing experience. I like watching the ink become words and the way they a fountain pen  slowly conforms to my hand, pressure and writing habits. It's personal just like my handwriting. 


  1. I love the look of fountain pens and their ink, but I find it difficult to find paper that is suitable and doesn't bleed. True writers problems! I do love the history of these pens, and the fact that it's very clear the design has not changed since they were first manufactured. If it isn't broken, don't fix it, I think :)

  2. I'm a ballpoint guy, my writing is messy and fountain makes it even worse. I can still oogle at your Lamy collection though.

    Buckets & Spades

  3. I like ballpoints too - esp for travelling. I am mad about Coletto Pens :)
    Hiro is not a fan of fountain pens though he I think he likes the idea of using one. He is a pen twister - so he changes the angle of of his pen a lot when drawing - not great with the pens in my collection.

  4. These look like brilliant pens doll :) x

  5. Cee you are a girl after my own heart! I must send you a good notebook with fine paper that can lavish your hand in any possible ink!

  6. another beautiful collection! I don't own any fountain pens, but this definitely make me want some..those happy colors <3

  7. I like writing very much also, I feel sad that there may be a future generation that types with their thumbs as their means of communication. I have always been interested in writing tools but yet to buy a fountain pen. Besides cleaning is there other maintain economic involved?

    Should our paths ever cross I will be happy to cook for you. I have been trying to get back to our traditional cooking. I do a mean quick callaloo, Mom approves, so that's the test. If interested I believe in sharing recipes.

  8. These sound like amazing pens! Thanks for sharing
    Carolyn | Blog

  9. I think you may just find that you like them!

  10. Oh Danielle! You share my thoughts on this - imagine a generation where handwriting has been lost! What a sad day that would be.

    Apart from cleaning them there is little maintenance involved in these pens - perhaps it is different in a very expensive pen but I don't know as I haven't splurged on one yet! :)

    Callaloo??? YESSS PLEASE! Now we're talking! I would love to try yours!


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