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I was a barefoot child. I would shun my shoes in favour of the lithe pleasure of unshod freedom. Much to my mother's despair, I would shed my shoes and socks to run in fields, climb trees and clamber over over rocks never once thinking about burdensome things like safety! Then one day, my mother told me about 'jiggers' or the chigoe flea (I don't recommend looking these things up). I never went barefoot inland again.

The things that we stop talking about have a cunning way of escaping our minds. So for years my memories of barefoot adventures slipped from me. Then, one evening in Zanzibar, we took advantage of the low tide and walked a way impassable during high tide.

Here, we spotted a young girl coming in with the tide. She had been collecting clams and despite being quite laden with them, she was at ease amongst the jagged rocks and the slippery seaweed underfoot. Barefoot she breezily cut across the sharp terrain. Barefoot. 

I watched her mesmerised. In that moment I thought she was gliding. Then I remembered myself. I remembered my own barefoot days. I looked down at my own feet and though they were in the relative safety of my beach shoes, I could feel the threat of the broken corals and the sharp rocks beneath me. 

And I thought to myself that shoes and fear made me soft, weak and wary. 

We loitered on a bended tree while the tide begun to trickle back to the shore,from here we watched the sun set on another magical day in Zanzibar and I cannot forget how wonderful that young girl was to me in that moment.


  1. another beautiful post <3

    but against your advice I looked up chigoe flea, argh!

    Trona @ Home

  2. Oh thank you Trona!

    About the other thing......I did warn you. It scared the life out of me as a child. We didn't have internet back then so I could not look it up but the very thought of it was enough.

  3. Such a beautiful place...love the golden tones in the skies...amazing. I used to run around barefoot all the time as a child, I loved feeling the ground beneath my feet as though I was becoming part of it every step I took. It was the best feeling. But, one summer when I was older, I cut my foot on something in the grass and I had to get six stitched in my foot and that put me off walking anywhere without shoes and socks. Shame really. I couldn't do it much now as the scar feels weird when I walk barefoot even now, so I always have shoes on. The nerve got messed up. But, the feeling of sand on a beach is great, but I won't even dare look up these things, I do not want to see any of that, it is enough to know the name, haha!! xx

  4. awww this post makes me smile! It reminded me I used to skip a lot, instead of walking or running properly, when I was a child. I skipped everywhere, everyone was worried haha. thanks for bringing back such happy memories <3

  5. Isn't it funny how things that seem so natural to us as children just slip away as time goes on? I suppose it's our training - the more we learn, the more we know we have to fear. But what a beautiful memory of your barefoot days, and what a breathtaking place to have it all come back to you.

  6. Sounds like a special moment Yasumi, perfect for documenting down in these here pages.

    Buckets & Spades

  7. Oh Kizzy!! Ouch!! So sorry to hear of your accident - I remember my mum telling me something similar. She stood on a bit of glass as a child and wound up with a huge scar on her instep. Looks like we have both left behind our barefoot days - but I agree sand is very different!!

  8. this looks like such a beautiful place! and what a lovely moment for you to have and to capture with lovely photography :')

  9. My boyfriend is a barefoot kid/adult and whenever we are out exploring on sharp rocks which I can feel them underneath my (shoe) sole I wonder how on earth his feet are being cut up! I guess they gradually toughen up :) That little girl is such a cutie!


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