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Sometimes I think I should have been a zebra as I frequently seem to to sport stripes. That said, I am not much of a vegetarian, so I would be a heinous oddity of a zebra! I'm blabbing again aren't I?

This is my newest set of stripes and it came into my possession as a gift from Hiro during the summer.

Breton shirt from Le Minor. Purse from COMME des GARCONS.
Bracelet is handmade. Sunglasses from Liberty.

This is a classic unisex breton shirt made in France by Le Minor, a nautical company based in Brittany.  The top is very comfortable and breathable and is 100% cotton.  Hiro bought this for me at Hexagone, a delightful little shop in Islington that everyone with a penchant for French things should check out: 

Interestingly, the breton shirt's original design featured 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleon's Victories. It was introduced as the uniform for all French navy seamen in Brittany in 1858 and has since been reinterpreted many times; even Coco Chanel had a go and bought it up to date and closer to what we commonly see today.

Everything has a story - even ubiquitous stripes!

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Location: Porto


  1. you always dress so chic and elegant :) it's beautiful

  2. Nice to find out even stripes on a shirt can have a story :)

  3. I love stripes too, this top is great! I always like reading about the history behind clothes.

  4. What a perfect striped shirt! Although I have never identified with zebras, I do over-wear (and over-collection) striped shirts. A girl simply can't have too many, and no matter how similar they may seem, each one is different. And this one is particularly beautiful. As is the location where you wore it.

  5. Love stripes, a definite wardrobe staple. Love the backdrop of your pictures. xo


  6. Hard to improve such a classic. So I have a few Armor-Lux stripe tops but they don't fit me so well these days, in fact I have three to sell. Shame really but they need to be worn.

    Buckets & Spades

  7. omg what a view! :) it's just beautiful! where was this taken? I love those kinds of striped too except it makes me look wider lol

  8. Hello Katrina. Thanks for stopping by!

    These pics were taken in Porto this summer.

  9. Yesss Cee! It's exactly like that - they may look similar but they aren't!

  10. I understand - better to give someone else a go with them rather than have them just gather dust!

  11. awwww KD that's a really kind thing to say! Thank you!

  12. Everything has a story ---- i like to think anyway!

  13. Such a beautiful place, I love it. I am quite really extremely partial to stripes myself, I could wear them all the time really. I want to one day have a striped bathroom, haha :)) xx

  14. I wear stripes a lot too! They are so classic. Hiro is very kind to give this to you!

    Katrina Sophia


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