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I LOVE road-tripping in Tanzania! There aren't any fancy motorway services here but as you drive through larger villages you will often find a host of colourful and flavoursome(and healthy) roadside pitstops. Feast your eyes on this lot.....

'Nyanya, maembe, na vitunguu'
Tomatoes, mangoes and onions to buy via the bucket!
Pineapples- the big kind that you don't often find in UK they are about 30p each
'Mafenesi na maembe'
Jackfruit and mangoes - huge ones!
Chiba shop! Makes me think of Japan.
Maziwa is the swahili word for milk.
Not sure who wants to drink milk in the heat but you can have it hot, cold or fermented. 

The abundance of fresh produce is incredible and the prices are as friendly as the people selling them and can be even friendlier if you like to haggle. However, when you are on the open road, there are zip-zero vendors to be seen.

On our last road trip in Tanzania was a hefty 6 hour drive back to Dar es Salaam from Mikumi. We were so lucky to come across a coconut seller with a huge machete on a particularly lonely stretch of road and I was beyond happy when our driver stopped for refreshment. He was so kind - he even bought us a coconut! That meant a lot to us.

I look a right scruff in the last pic but you know what? When you are really living and loving an adventure like this - the last thing you think about is what you look like!


  1. I love when you share your travels in Africa! The pictures just feel right...a testament to a beautiful country (and your photography skills as well) :)

  2. I have never seen such enormous fruits - it's both fascinating and a little bit terrifying. But that's the joy of travelling; the mixture of awe and fear that comes from experiencing things that are so wildly outside of our normal and sometimes, even outside of our imaginations :)

  3. That jackfruit is crazy huge! Love all this fresh produce, you have me seriously craving a delicious coconut now !

  4. This looks perfect. Love all the produce, I would be right in there getting some of those pineapples, amazing!! x

  5. Isn't it Fiona?? I have seen a whole village share one of these before :)

  6. Oh Cee, you should have seen my broken hearted face when I first arrived in UK and went to the supermarket and saw the sad, tiny, unripe fruits. Then when I first went to Japan and saw a single mango for £10 because it was grown by a farmer who turned it by hand everyday little but little so it would ripen perfectly -----that sort of terrified me.

  7. Thank you Hasini. Africa means a lot to us and we are always trying to challenge people's perceptions of the place. Hiro is very happy that you like his photos :)

  8. I can imagine you haggling for a wagon full of pineapples Kizzy.

  9. Wow, these stops remind me of India too. I love the piles of pineapples, we don't see that every day! Thanks for sharing.

    Katrina Sophia

  10. This is fantastic ... the colors, the scents, the flavors! I'm originally from the tropics so jackfruits, mangoes and coconuts were a part of daily life. In the islands, one could have a dexterous person climb up the coconut tree for a fresh coconut, cleave an opening in the shell and sip the juice straight out. The coconut meat is pretty tasty too!

    I'd love to visit Tanzania sometime.



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