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I am an unrepentant, incessant collector of things. I cut things out and keep them. I bring things home from adventures and keep them. When I am in a rush, I put them in silly places like within the pages of a book. Or on a shelf and then slowly forget about them. Then, dust gathers and makes me sneeze. Or a friend decides to visit which leads to some frenzies cleaning and that is when I find these little treasures all over again!

Here a few things that I have rediscovered this week: 

 photo Worshipblueswinecards_zps2c0c4ef2.jpg
Wine label post cards that I bought in Yamagata Japan. I had no idea that Japan made wine! Check out some of our adventures in Yamagata HERE
 photo Worshipblueskapital_zps2ddc7831.jpg
A loyalty card and business card for Kapital Jeans Japan. Take a look at their amazing shop interiors HERE
 photo Worshipbluesstamps_zps1703a953.jpg
Stamps!  Some familiar characters from Japan and a curious fellow from Poland.
 photo Worshipbluesjokers_zpsdd9bb739.jpg
Jokers! Yes, I am STILL collecting Jokers and if you are curious as to why, you can find out HERE

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  1. Haha I'm the same, I'm a serious hoarder! It looks like you end up with cooler stuff than me, though!

  2. yesss a proper collector of oddments and misc., like the Kapital Jeans card, reminds me of Tintin for some reason. Love this, I do. You should see my stamp collection!

    Buckets & Spades

  3. Such a cool post! I don't think I'd find anything interesting in my old drawers...

  4. Oh love the joker quote! I think collecting things is awesome, I definitely have the collecting bug myself :)

  5. Oh me too; me very much too! My room at home is full of bits and pieces hoarded for future scrapbooks or art projects. i rediscover them all the time in odd places, even though I try to confine them to boxes and 'organised' stacks.
    They are indeed treasures.

  6. What fascinating little bits and bobs. I am a furious cleaner - growing up, our home was always neat as a pin, which drove me crazy, but it turns out I am more of my father's daughter than I imagined. I rarely keep anything I won't use regularly, which is a bit of a shame - I simply can't help myself. But I do often stumble upon Paris metro tickets in my coat pockets :)

  7. I want those Doraemon stamps! :)

  8. I've briefly stopped collecting things when I moved into my own apartment. I wanted to keep my new place clutter-free. But my collection of old camera's and beer glasses (how very Belgian of me...) is a very clear indication that the clutter-free apartment life is not for me. I also have a 'memory box' where I collect all my concert/movies/holiday tickets and stubs.

    I also loved Jostein Gaarder's Solitaire Mystery! I don't think I've ever heard of a better reason to collect jokers :)

  9. You read it too!! Yaaaay. I've never come across another person who's read the Solitaire Mystery :)

    I do have a sort of memory box thing. It's a vintage mini suitcase and its filled with all sorts of things.

  10. Kapital have some fab branding Mat. They do a different round card for each shop and if you collect them all you get some sort of prize! Cool right??

  11. Show us your collections Jane!!! Please?

  12. I love collections, it's so much fun. My husband collects antique boxes and stamps and old money. And a load of other things. We have them all over the house. I collect vintage bags and tons of other quirky things. I think it's fun, though I will need more room soon, haha :)) These are gorgeous pieces doll Xxx

  13. Could hardly call them collections haha there's no theme, just random junk!

  14. awesome collection!! this reminds me of my long-forgotten stamps collection haha but yours are wayyy cuter for sure!

  15. :) i love those stamps! my brother collected stamps as a kid and he had them from all over and my dad would bring some back after one of his business trips. my brother still has his stamp collection book!


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