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This weekend I enjoyed the last of our summer wagashi (Japanese sweets). This particular pleasure was a seasonal jelly displaying a couple of goldfish (a common summer motif in Japan). A delicious refreshing bubble of fresh lemon flavour and sweetened azuki beans that may sound contradictory but accompany each other tastefully.

 photo WorshipbluesWagashi1_zps2c8cbf0d.jpg

 photo WorshipbluesWagashi2_zps38f54762.jpg

Aside from savouring sweets that look too good to eat, I've also been lurking on some brilliant blogs and thought I would share a bit of what I've been loving:

Lady Macbeth
This is a whirling twirling beautiful place to get lost and forget what you are doing and  if you stop by today, you may pick up a few tea leaf reading tips.

Jolies Bobines
The woman who never fails to amaze and inspire me with her sewed creations. Incredible. I hope to be THIS good one day.

Art Comes First
All I will say is, if you don't know - get to know. The brains behind some fantastic works globally. They got soul.


  1. Wait, that's edible? It's soo pretty! Sounds like it was tasty too, once you brought yourself to be able to eat it, haha.

  2. This sweet looks brilliant, have never seen it before at all :) I love Lady Macbeth's blog, she is marvellous :) xx

  3. There is a wagashi shop on my daily commute and I always peep into to see all the seasonal pretties. But this! This is beyond adorable and beautiful. Not sure how I could eat such a pretty thing.
    I can totally eat that thing.
    Thank you for directing me to all those lovely reads, too!

  4. I love how it feeds both the eyes (its beautiful), the mouth (it tastes good) and the mind (it's a neat 3D sweet!) I have never tried Japanese sweets before...I think I might have to seek some out.

  5. What an intriguing looking little sweet - it seems much too pretty to eat, really, but I'm sure I would have devoured it quickly :)

  6. it does look too good to eat! i have seen similar ones over here and i admire them every time..work of art :)
    i wondered what they taste like, are there any variations? or they all taste the same?

  7. I have not had Japanese sweets before but this jelly looks so yummy! Great blogs too! xo


  8. Seriously?! That is probably the prettiest sweets I've ever laid my eyes on! So cute too. I would be scared to eat and ruin it in process!

    Katrina Sophia

  9. this is insanely pretty! I don't think i could eat such a delicate and pretty looking sweet!


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