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There are a great many characters in a great many books that inspire me in many ways. There are even a few that inspire what I may choose to wear. Take Grace Makutsi for instance, secretary to Precious Ramostwe from the very respectable No1 Ladies Detective Agency. I happen to think that besides Mma Makutsi's record breaking score of 97% at the Botswana Secretarial College, her highly-strung often opinionated views and her natural awkwardness, she also happens to be a pretty sharp dresser. 

Shirt was bought about 5 years ago from GAP. Men's cardigan from Uniqlo.
Prescription glasses with frames from Chanel + lenses from Paris Miki London.
Ballet flats from Emmy Twenty.

Mma Makutsi was so perfectly portrayed by Anika Noni Rose in the wonderful BBC television series so much so that whenever I wear a shirt paired with knitwear, I always think to myself......

"Eh! I want to dress just like Mma Makutsi! I want to look like 97%!"

If you enjoyed these pictures, please visit Coco & Vera blog (one of my most favourite blogs)where I am mooching about London feeling very 97%. I will be so happy to see you there!

If you fancy learning more about the imitable ladies of the No1 Ladies Detective Agency, there is a great episode available on Youtube HERE.


  1. This outfit is great! I actually haven't heard of this book/series before, it looks interesting I'll check it out!

  2. I love how the colours and the looser fit of the clothes work in tandem. Comfortable and stylish!

  3. I love your outfit! I think Mma Makutsi would approve :)

    Danniella x


  4. such a lovely outfit. That cardigan looks so cozy.

  5. i love love love the colors in this outfit :)

  6. What a lovely colourful outfit (I secretly love mustard and bleu pervenche together). Thank you for introducing me to No1 Ladies Detective Agency, I had heard about the book a long time ago but it never made the jump to my bookshelf, I might just get it today. Best, Jesse.

  7. Such gorgeous colour in that outfit. I bought a mustard coloured jumper the other day and the colour just doesn't suit me at all. I'm too pink, I think! Will be checking out Coco and Vera!

  8. Thanks Jane. The series is so lovely - like an easy reading sunny holiday in Botswana.

  9. Thanks Hasini, your thoughts mean a lot to me!

  10. Oh Danniella! Thank you for visiting my blog. Super lovely to have you here and thank you...I hope Mma Makutsi would like it too!

  11. Thank-you so much for guestposting for me, Yasumi! I love knowing that this was the inspiration behind your outfit - you do look very 97%, indeed :)

  12. I love that you get fashion inspiration from tv characters!

    Katrina Sophia


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