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Let's switch things up! How about you do the talking first and we will respond later....

So, tell us....

When Was The Last Time That You Did Something For The First Time? What did you do?

P.S. We are unable to blog for a few days but will be back very soon when we will publish all comments in one go. 

Doing something for the 1st time everyday is important to us. Small things like taking a different route to work, changing the order of how we do things,  or even eating something new. It's a good way to keep life quietly exciting and keeping monotony and all the drab stuff that goes with it at bay.


  1. I have no idea, haha. I try to do something new at least every day or week, it helps brighten life really. Maybe on Saturday, I looked into places I had never been to that I live near and discovered some very interesting things. I love it :)) xx

  2. I love the subtle makeover of your space, it looks wonderful! And as for the last time I did something for the first time, that is a very good question. But now I'm thinking that it might be time to find something new to try to make up for that!

  3. you got me thinking! it was last Friday, when I bought an artificial plant for my desk in the office. finally, some decoration - it's a little ceramic vase that look like a watering can, with little white and purple flowers in it. it makes my mornings brighter :) I never bought an artificial plant before, so there's my first. xx

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

  4. hmmm... it's really weird.. but i have these two distinct moments when everything just clicked for me. the first time i was able to ride a bike without training wheels. i had tried before and i kept falling but all of the sudden i just got it and was able to ride without my dad's help. it was one of the coolest feelings :) the other time was when i was finally able to read in english and understand what it meant. i had trouble the first few weeks when i came to the states as a little child and there was just a moment when i just began to understand things fully. these are both childhood memories but i'll always remember what these moments felt like :)

  5. A few months back I planted some vegetable from seeds for the first time with my son and this week, we harvested them for the first time. His eyes lighted up with amazement and wonderment as he saw the green beans hanging from the lanky shrubs and for the first time (or so what it seemed like) I feel the honor of being a parent all over again.

  6. About a month ago. I decided to try a cleansing oil for the first time (I was very hesitant) and now I love it :D

  7. Ooooh, good question! Hmmmm, thinking, thinking... Yes! I went with my younger brother to a music festival, and took him dancing. That was a wonderful 'first'.

  8. Wow your website has changed! It looks amazing.

    Erm, painting gouache for the first time few weeks ago!

    Hope you are well!

    Katrina Sophia

  9. Good question. Well I'm not 100% sure but this week coming I'm feeling very nervous about a project I'm involved with. I don't really know how I've got involved, all I do know is it involves interior design and me speaking on camera for quite a while. This is not something I know about or am good at (the talky bit). I keep thinking "ah maybe I'll just cancel it", but I know that it I don't try I'll regret it and always wonder "what if?". I should just go for it.

    Buckets & Spades

  10. Interesting question....it is almost the norm for people to fall into routine life that doing something new can be something that is feared. I am about to do something new as I will be starting a Yoga Teacher's Training course soon!
    May x


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